Dying Light 2 Infected Intelligence Quiz | All Correct Answers

There are a few NPCs across the city of Villedor in Dying Light 2 who solely depend on knowledge to get on by. Mr. Z, for example, will question Aiden on his ongoing studies of the wretched folks throughout The City. One of these encounters will be given by Mr. Z, who possesses a certain advanced knowledge on the infected that currently roam the streets in and outside Villedor. The questions will be in the form of the “Infected Intelligence” quiz, which greatly challenges you to know how the special infected work.

Infected Intelligence Quiz Answers in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Infected Intelligence All Correct Answers

Mr. Z has been strangely keeping tabs on the special infected that roam the streets, but he’s in desperate need of your knowledge. If you know how the variants distinctively work, getting through Mr. Z’s quiz should be a walk in the park. But if you’re having some trouble selecting the right answers for his quiz, look no further than right here:

  1. Certainly you’ve noticed what happens with infected after mutation: they become stronger, faster, and more agile. Have you encountered the type that can jump higher than others?
    Answer: Banshee
  2. It prefers to avoid humans. I know how that sounds, but you must have seen something like that. Moreover, when retreating, it leaves tracks behind. Do you know which infected I’m referring to?
    Answer: Bolter
  3. It creates a toxic mix around other monsters… and some survivors believe that it even resurrects the dead. Which is nonsense, obviously. Does that ring any bells?
    Answer: Revenant
  4. Which type of infected would you say has the most explosive temper.
    Answer: Suicider

Upon completion of the “Infected Intelligence” quiz, you’ll be rewarded with a new weapon and an Infected Playing Card in the form of a Goon in the King of Spades. You can thus proceed to continue on your journey into finding your sister, but be mindful during the nighttime. Trouble lurks at every corner, so stay on your toes, Pilgrim.

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