Dying Light 2 Lockpicking | How to Master

Performing parkour stunts and killing zombies aren’t the only priorities in Dying Light 2. While it’s important to always be on the move in The City, Aiden will need to stop every once and a while to do some looting, and that can introduce some obstacles that stand in his way. One of these big interruptions is locked doors and crates, which in turn can prompt the lockpicking activity that players can easily master. And if you’re not familiar with lockpicking, we’ve crafted together a quick guide to get you on your way.

How to Master Lockpicking in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Master Lockpicking

Lockpicking in Dying Light 2 doesn’t stray far from its predecessor’s usage with the mechanic. It acts very much the same as Bethesda’s standard for managing locks in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. With two picks, the player will adjust the top pick by turning it from left to right. The trick is to lightly tap the bottom pick to see if the lock will struggle or give access. For the controller crowd, you can depend on the vibration to tell you if the pick adjustment is right or not. But for the PC folks (and those who prefer to turn off vibration on their gamepads), simply listen to the click to see if you can proceed.

If the click is present, turn the top pick to basically repeat the process until you’re able to get the bottom lockpick to move all the way to the left. Keep in mind that the lock might become stuck again depending on the placement of the top pick. When that happens, the lock is telling you that you’re getting warmer to the sweet spot. From there, slightly readjust the movement and start to turn once more. In layman’s terms, if you hear a click, don’t pick.

There are three levels of difficulty for lockpicking: easy, medium, and hard. What differentiates them is essentially the unlock spot that becomes harder to find. Easier locks will have a wider unlockable range while the higher levels will feature more narrow spots. Just be sure to have plenty of picks on you. And if you don’t, just remember to go to your Crafting menu to assemble Lockpicks with Scraps, which can be found very commonly throughout The City.

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