Dying Light 2 | New Enemies In Update 1.4.0

Update 1.4.0 for Dying Light 2 Stay Human has arrived, and we have some new challenges to face. The virus continues to evolve, thus transforming the already frightening Infected of Villedor. Some have acquired elemental mutations, others have spawned vicious variants that haunt the night. There aren’t too many to count, but these new transformations elevate the dangers when the sun goes away. Here are the new enemies players will encounter in Dying Light 2.

All New Enemies in Dying Light 2 Update 1.4.0

Dying Light 2 All New Enemies
Shot with Dying Light 2’s new Photo Mode.

It’s important to note that we’re only covering the new enemy types for this guide. Update 1.4.0 features a new story chapter, more challenges, a Photo Mode, and more. For the new enemies, we’re be either fighting or evading the Infected variants: the Mutated Infected, Volatile Tyrant, and Volatile Hive.

New Mutated Infected

Update 1.4.0 brings us some new Mutated Infected types. Essentially, Special Infected have adapted to the expanding virus, gaining fire, electrical, and toxic abilities. They’re just like the familiar Special kind that we’re accustomed to, but now they come with an extra punch. You’ll find them across The City, loitering around with the other zombies that plague the areas. Deal with them as you please, but you can expect an intense brawl if caught in between two or more Mutated Infected.

Volatile Tyrant

You’re reading that correctly: The Volatiles have transformed. The first Volatile variant comes from a crimson hue with festering limbs made of pure strength. In a way, these Tyrants act like mini-bosses given their distinct fighting patterns. They fight just like their Prime brethren, only they’re tougher and more relentless. If you keep your distance from them, they’ll either spew toxins or lunge at you. It goes without question that you need to be on your best combative toes when going up against them.

You can find them on top of rooftops during the night, sauntering around on their own and waiting for prey. Refer to your on-screen icons: they’re the blue ones with an Infected’s head on them.

Volatile Hive

Dying Light 2 Volatile Hive

The Volatile Hive striking you is something you won’t need to worry about. Their shrieking capabilities, however, are one aspect that makes them stand out. Bounded with bloody threads tethered to the ground, this variant calls upon fellow Volatiles to their aid. They won’t move at all, but it’s imperative that these Hives are taken care of as quickly as possible. As long as they continue to shriek, more Volatiles will rush to the focused area. Additionally, you might run into a couple of Goons when fighting the Volatile Hives.

They’re also distinguished by a blue zombie icon, and you can find them in Dark Hollows and GRE Quarantine sites. You’ll have better luck encountering them in Dark Hollows as opposed to the GRE sites from what we’ve experienced so far.

These were the new enemy types that were introduced in Update 1.4.0 for Dying Light 2. For more tips on staying human, take a look at these guides: