Dying Light 2 Persons of Interest Quiz | All Correct Answers

Regus, the Herald, has Aiden against the wall with his disbelief and ignorance in Dying Light 2. After you assign the Garrison Electrical Station to the Survivors, you’ll find this interesting NPC who dares to question your knowledge about the people of Villedor. He’ll ask four quick questions, and we have the correct answers for you in this brief guide for the “Persons of Interest” quiz.

Persons of Interest Quiz Answers in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Persons of Interest Quiz All the Right Answers

By this point, you’ve probably played through enough of the campaign to familiarize yourself with some of the more important characters. It’s worth noting these characters to consider as you answer The Herald’s questions, but if you can’t recall some of them, here are the answers:

  1. Who is the shadowy figure that pulls the strings in the Bazaar, a dealer in, shall we say, ill-gotten goods?
    Answer: Dodger
  2. A rather comely woman works at the library. But I, HERALD, knower of a great many things, cannot recall the fair damsel’s name. Do you know it?
    Answer: Thalia (The Herald also has a thing for her)
  3. Meyer is very even-keeled and thoughtful for a PK. But… the mention of one person tends to trigger her. Do you know who that is?
    Answer: Her father
  4. I have learned that Driscoll from the Carriers Guild has acquired an interesting nickname. Do you know it?
    Answer: Professor

With Regus, the Herald, being an editor-in-chief in his previous lifetime before The Fall, he’ll be awesomely impressed with your knowledge of Villedor’s people — or his words, “the power of information.” Upon completion of the “Persons of Interest” quest, you’ll be rewarded with Villedor Newscast #4, which I highly recommend listening to.

Villedor Newscast #4 unveils the crucial moments of Clarissa Mortimer’s sacrifice to tell the people of Villedor that an outbreak has occurred within the city limits. This prompts the military to seize Clarissa as she exclaims that the government has lost control of the virus. The newscast concludes with an immediate cutoff.

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