Dying Light 2 Revenant | How to Beat

There are only some special infected that you can run into during the night in Dying Light 2. The streets are pouring with Howlers and Virals, but the GRE Anomaly sites offer the challenge of fighting with the Revenant enemy. If you’re slick with combative takedowns and swift movements, slashing away at one of these variants shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But if you’re having trouble with a Revenant, we’ve got the right tips for you right here!

How to Beat Revenant in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Beat Revenant

The Revenant is relatively easy to take down when you come across it in the GRE Anomaly sections. His attacks up-close only range from short strikes and a ground slam, which can be easily dodged. He also can fire away some projectiles toward your way if you’re keeping your distance. But the main two points to keep in mind are his abilities to raise the dead and leap from great lengths.

This new creature has the power to raise new foes from the ground when trying to take him down. Several of the common infected will start attacking you, but the Revenant’s outstanding leaps are your key to beating him. He will jump from platform to platform while occasionally returning to the main ground to summon his pals.

With these notes in mind, it’s easy to say that any projectiles will assist in defeating him. Molotovs and arrows are always useful, but the battlefield will also provide you with some Opportunity Weapons. The GRE Anomalies will have gas canisters and spears nearby, giving you a combative advantage from afar. But if you’re close to the Revenant, indulge yourself with some vicious swings at him. His melee strikes are a bit weak and easily avoidable, so do what you must before he leaps away for the next attack. Ignite the canisters when the time is right, especially with the risen undead who are most likely charging in a tight pack. And as for the spears, make sure you give yourself a decent distance before impaling him. It’s easy to miss a toss if the Revenant continues to jump around like a maniac.

Once the Revenant has been dealt with, you can then enter the GRE station to collect your Inhibitors. Loot what you must before departing from the premises; the night is still young, so travel with caution, Pilgrim.

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