Dying Light 2 Secret Weapons | Where to Find

It’s no secret that Dying Light 2 holds some hidden gems throughout the city of Villedor. Players have discovered several unique blueprints that greatly change up the gameplay, but they can be difficult to find. That’s why we’ve ventured into various areas to discover some of these secret weapons, and we’re here to show you how you can get these special blueprints.

Where to Find All Secret Weapons in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Finger Gun Guide

It’s important to note that not all secret weapons can be discovered right away. We recommend playing the game until you reach the VNC Tower, which just so happens to be the tallest building in the game. Avoiding spoilers here – Aiden will eventually climb the VNC Tower during an important mission. Once you complete this mission, which is the “Broadcast” story quest, you’ll be able to use the VNC Tower elevator. From there, you’ll be all good to go to find the secret weapons.

Left Finger of gloVa: The Finger Gun

Let’s start off with what is probably the most popular secret weapon: The Finger Gun. To get this one, you’ll need to unlock the developer room. First, go to the top of the VNC Tower to paraglide over to the neighboring skyscraper with the Airdrop THB-UT0 military spot. You’ll then start working with the electrical boxes containing wires. Grab the first wire and you’ll notice that you have 79 meters to work with, which means you’ll need to jump down two levels to connect the wire. Repeat this process with the next wire in the same room to jump down a couple of levels to connect the next box. Finally, grab the final wire to jump down two platforms outside that will lead to the last box, ultimately unlocking the developer room right next to it.

Aiden will use the GRE key to gain access to the room, which is filled with Easter eggs, by the way. But head to the farthest right room with the bright “PUB” in red. You’ll find a bedroom with the Techland logo. All you need to do now is sit on the bed and wait for the craziness to ensue. Teddy bears will begin to spark out of nowhere, and you’ll have to sit awhile until the Techland logo switches its style. There, you can arise from the bed to pick up the Left Finger of gloVa blueprint. You now have a literal finger gun in your arsenal!

Cyber Hands 2177: The Cyberpunk 2077 Secret Weapon

Dying Light 2 Secret Weapons Cyber Hands 2177

This deadly homage to Cyberpunk 2077 can be found on top of a building from the VNC Tower. Look southwest from atop of the VNC to find a skyscraper with an antenna on it to paraglide over onward. Upon landing, look south to the other building that’s all on its own to paraglide over once more. You’ll run into the Liquidator near a campfire. This mysterious stranger will converse with you for a bit until you look over to your left to find a box. It’s a gift, but now he’s suddenly disappeared. Who is he? We have no clue, but inside the little box will be the blueprint for the Cyber Hands 2177. You’re free to then craft and wield these dangerous blades to fight off your enemies in a vicious fashion.

Pan of Destiny: The “Space Cock” Mission

Dying Light 2 Where to Find All Secret Weapons

Among all of the secret weapons you can get, the Pan of Destiny might be one of the last ones you collect. The reason being is that it’s hidden with the Renegade complex of the Newfound Lost Lands, which essentially acts as a headquarters for the savage folks. What you’ll need to do is infiltrate the complex. Traverse through the corridors to eventually find a room with a big orange tent in it. There, a chicken will begin to interact with you. That’s right, a literal chicken.

It just so happens that this chicken is from space, and it needs an important part for its spaceship. This initiates the “Space Cock” mission, which will indicate a spot for you to travel southwards to. You’ll find yourself coming across a large body of water, where the spaceship part will be stashed away underwater. Return the part to the chicken, and he’ll thank you for your contribution to the “New Galactic Federation”. He will then disappear with a spark to finally leave you with the unlimited Pan of Destiny blueprint. It’s not necessarily powerful, but it will always return to you like a boomerang.

United in Fun – Everyone Can Play: The Soccer Ball

Dying Light 2 Soccer Field

If jump-kicking your opponents off of rooftops weren’t fun enough, then maybe kicking around a soccer ball will. To unlock the soccer ball secret weapon, travel to the Community Soccer Field within the Trinity area. What must transpire next will be slightly tedious. Find the soccer ball on the field and kick it into a nearby goal. Once you score, leave the area to only return at a later time to perform the same task. You will need to do this nine times in order for the proper secret weapon to appear. A dancing special infected will spawn, who you must defeat if you are to get the “United in Fun – Everyone Can Play!” blueprint from a nearby box.

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