Dying Light 2 Sheep or Wolf Choice | What Should You Tell Carl?

Dying Light 2 does have limited dialogue choices throughout the story, which is nice. Aiden is a colorful character, but putting some of yourself into the avatar is fun. While you’re working with Carl in Dying Light 2, he will eventually ask you whether you’re a Sheep or a Wolf. This will pop up a dialogue wheel with three choices on it. Each of them will have their own ending to them, and Carl will react differently to you in each case. But, do any of your dialogue choices matter in this instance? Let’s find out together.

Should You Tell Carl You’re a Sheep or Wolf?

Dying Light 2 Sheep or Wolf

There is no difference between the three choices that Carl presents you in the “Sheep or Wolf” dialogue option. All three will lead you to the same information about Sophie. The only thing that changes between the three choices is what Carl reacts to specifically after you give him the information. You are otherwise missing absolutely nothing.

If you tell Carl you’re a sheep, he will inform you that that’s exactly what a wolf would say. If you tell him you’re a Wolf, he will tell you that that means you’re not actually a wolf. If you brush him off, he’ll just confirm that you’re an action guy. So, technically, brushing him off will lead to the least cynical conversation reaction.

None of these choices matter at all. The conversation goes on in the same way. It’s just a brief little character moment to break up the exposition. While a clever writing strategy, this could have been a chance for a more game-altering moment between you and Carl. In the end, the game will play out mostly the same from here-on out.

There are some dialogue choices that shake up Aiden’s relationship with other characters. This is not one of them.

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