Dying Light 2 Slow Motion | How to Unlock

The combat in Dying Light 2 is brutal, gory, and fast. Whether you’re up against a horde of infected, or a gang of bandits, it can be easy to lose your bearings. Most action games have either triggered or selective slow motion to assist the player in pulling off moves or getting out of a bad situation. Does Dying Light 2 have this also?

How to Unlock Slow Motion in Dying Light 2

How to Unlock Slow Motion in Dying Light 2

While Dying Light 2 does have slow motion, it is only in relation to certain skills. The game does use slow-mo when you execute a particularly brutal kill, but that’s more to showcase the kill than to assist you in any meaningful way. There only two unlockable skills that allow you to use slow motion to your advantage: Perfect Parry and Parkour Shot.

The first skill with slow motion is the “Perfect Parry” in the Combat tree. This skill requires the Vault Kick, which is one of the first skills you unlock early on in the game. In addition, it also requires you to level up your Health to 120 points using Inhibitors found in GRE containers in various locations across the map. Perfect Parry will give you a short moment of slow motion after parrying an attack, giving you time to either counterattack or vault off the stunned enemy to Vault Kick another foe for heavy damage.

The second skill is the “Parkour Shot” in the Combat tree. This will cause time to slow when free-running and taking aim with a ranged weapon. Unlocking this skill requires you to have the “Precise Aiming” skill and 220 Health. This means you’ll need a significant amount of Inhibitors to increase your Health. Also, the Parkour Shot is in the final layer of the right side of the combat tree, so it does require significant investment into the Combat tree to obtain this skill. That being said, it’s easily one of the best skills in the game.

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