Dying Light 2 Split-Screen | Is There Split-Screen Co-Op?

Dying Light 2 is almost upon us, bringing parkour and zombie-slaying action back to consoles and PC. The original game was a verified hit, with plenty of chances to slink around killing the undead. Even better, players could team up with three friends to fight and roam the open world together. However, there sadly wasn’t split-screen, so you could only play online. Does the upcoming sequel do the same, or change things? We’ve got the details.

Does Dying Light 2 Have Split-Screen Co-Op?

Does Dying Light 2 Have Split-Screen Co-Op?

Dying Light 2 does have co-op multiplayer, but it’s only accessible online. There isn’t any form of split-screen in the game at all, meaning you can’t play offline couch co-op with friends.

It’s a shame, but it seems inevitable based on the co-op approach of the 2015 original. That game had online co-op to go through the story with partners, but no form of offline split-screen. As such, you couldn’t sit with a partner on the same console to play co-op. Equally, that seems to be the case with this sequel. Developer Techland has confirmed that online co-op once again makes a return, but it doesn’t seem like it’s any different to the original approach. As such, don’t get your hopes up for some plug-and-play split-screen co-op in Dying Light 2.

Sadly, it seems like contemporary games are slowly but surely phasing out split-screen co-op. Aside from reliable genres like sports games, a lot of single-player action titles are moving away from offline co-op. Dying Light 2 is just the next to follow this trend, and that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Of course, a feature like this could one day emerge in a title update down the line, but it seems unlikely. It would require a lot of work and processing power, and previous-gen consoles may not be able to do that. As such, don’t get your hopes up for split-screen co-op in Dying Light 2.