Dying Light 2 Weapons | How to Upgrade

In the city of Villedor in Dying Light 2, weapons are imperative to the player’s survival against the infected and insane, bloodthirsty survivors. But ever since The Fall, bullet-based weapons have become a thing of the past. Now, the people of Villedor resort to crafting handy weapons. Evidently, weapons are the ultimate tools of survival, which is why the Craftmasters within The City know know how to hook you up with valuable upgrades. Here’s our guide into how you can upgrade and modify your weapons in Dying Light 2.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 How to Upgrade and Modify Weapons

The Craftmaster at any appropriate location can provide upgrade services for you to modify your weapons. Their menus provide available stocks of accessories, consumables, and ammunition to experiment with. But most importantly, the three modified weapon slots are also a part of the Craftmaster’s menu: Tip, Shaft, and Grip. All you need to do is collect certain upgrade requirements for your weapons by exploring the streets and buildings of Villedor. Be on the lookout for Old World Money and Infected Trophy pieces as you fight throughout the streets.

If you’re running low on certain parts, the Craftmaster will be your answer to your problems, upgrade or not. Delving into the dark corners of The City can be disastrously anxious to endure, but the Craftmasters will be able to provide a variety of goods to assemble for crafting purposes. Their inventories typically include Scrap, Cleaning Supplies, Pigments, Alcohol, Cans, Rags, and Resin.

Keep in mind that not every weapon can be modified. However, with available mod slots, the player can utilize any blueprints they have by playing through Villedor. Upon arriving at the Bazaar, one of the NPCs will task you with assembling pieces for an electric fence. Once the pieces are ready to be passed on, you’ll meet the amateur Craftmaster outside the Bazaar building to witness his demonstration for his mentor. While it may not be totally successful, this gives the Craftmaster the opportunity to give you the Spark blueprint, which adds quite a shock to open weapon slots.

To equip any weapons mods at your disposal, simply access the menu to scroll over to your Inventory. There, you’ll see all of your on-deck pieces of melee weapons, with some containing open slots for mods.

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