Dying Light 2 | Where is Kyle Crane?

A new hero is here to master parkour and combat in Dying Light 2, but it won’t be Kyle Crane this time. Acting as the primary protagonist from the first game, Kyle embarked on dangerous missions to help the people of Harran as the virus continued to ravage the people. He went through thick and thin to make sure that the next steps were safe, secure, and ready to go for a cure. But with his absence from Dying Light 2, some have wondered where Kyle Crane is, especially after what happened in the first game.

Where is Kyle Crane in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Where is Kyle Crane?

Kyle Crane is most likely dead in the Dying Light universe, and he probably won’t appear in the sequel. The first game’s ending gave players two options to choose from: Sacrifice Harran or Get the Cure. For the sacrifice route, Mother, a sentient Volatile, leads Kyle Crane to a nuclear warhead. Triggering the nuke will ultimately wipe out all of Harran and anyone in the countryside – including Kyle himself.

The other option shows Kyle sticking strong to his mission and fighting the Mother in order to retrieve the vials containing the cure. However, the Mother forcibly feeds Kyle some of the elixir that turned her into one of the senitent Infected. So, as our hero continues to make his way back to his friends after standing victorious, sudden nightmarish blackouts begin to greatly hinder him. It’s not until he climbs back to freedom that the worst finally happens: Night falls, and Kyle Crane becomes a sentient Volatile. The screen turns black as we hear that familiar feral roar emit from the game’s protagonist.

Dying Light 2 Kyle Crane Infected Ending

With these two options in mind, it’s clear that the first one isn’t canon. Dying Light 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the first game, and the virus has spread to the rest of the world. With Harran acting as a ground zero for the virus, humanity has taken a giant step back as the Infected now litter the world. Evidently, option 2 is what the developers are rolling with.

Don’t give your hopes up yet if you were eager to hear about Kyle Crane. In the Dying Light 2 Stay Human – The Reason – Official Gameplay Trailer, we hear a voice mention Crane, but only briefly: “Whoever thought the end of the world would be so peaceful? I wish Crane would’ve seen this.” It’s unclear who the voice is, but it appears that Crane has made such an impact on the world that folks in The City talk about him. So, while we might not get actual appearances from him, we’ll at least have the in-game references to look forward to.