E3 2021 Gearbox Showcase | Roundup of Every Announcement

KE3 2021 has arrived and that means it’s time for tons of great announcements. With the Ubisoft Forward behind us, it’s time to move onto the Gearbox Showcase. This page will serve as our hub for every announcement from the live stream and will be updated in real-time as news breaks.

How to Watch the Gearbox Showcase

The E3 2021 Gearbox Showcase will be live-streamed on June 12, 2021 at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET. You can watch the event live through the link below.

Keep reading for a full roundup of the Gearbox Software E3 2021 presentation.

E3 2021 Gearbox Showcase Roundup

Below you will find a full roundup of every announcement made in the Gearbox Showcase. This page will be updated in real-time as the announcements are made. Here’s to a great show!

Borderlands Movie Set Tour

Borderlands Movie

Gearbox kicked things off by taking viewers on a tour of the set for the Borderlands movie with the one and only Randy Pitchford. We got a behind-the-scenes look at the set, as well as a quick interview with some of those involved in the upcoming film. We weren’t given a release date for the Borderlands movie.

Homeworld 3 is in Production

Homeworld 3

After being quiet since the original announcement in 2019, Gearbox has confirmed that Homeworld 3 is officially in production. Unfortunately, that’s about all the information we were given.

Godfall: Fire and Darkness Release Date Announced

Godfall Fire and Darkness

The Godfall: Fire and Darkness expansion will be released on with cross-generational play on August 10 and will be coming to the PlayStation 4. Further, a free Lightbringer update will be releasing soon and will bring new end-game content to the game.

Gearbox will be bringing new items and skins to the game, as well as a matchmaking beta. You can check out a full roundup of everything that’s coming to Godfall in the video above.

That’s a wrap on the E3 2021 Gearbox Showcase! Despite an unusually short presentation, we did get a look at the Borderlands movie, confirmation that Homeworld 3 is in production, and updates about more Godfall content. What did you think? Let us know on Twitter.