EA Establishes New Battlefield Studio Ridgeline Games

Since the tumultuous release of Battlefield 2042 last year, fans have been wondering how the franchise would recover. Today that plan becomes slightly clearer. That’s because EA announced the establishment of a new studio focused on making a narrative-driven Battlefield experience. Fans lamented the lack of a single-player campaign in the latest release. As such, this seems to be a key step towards rectifying that decision. Read on to learn more about this new Battlefield studio and everything we know about its upcoming game.

Ridgeline Games Formed To Make New Battlefield Game

new Battlefield

The news came courtesy of renowned industry insider Geoff Keighley, best known for spearheading the Game Awards and Summer Game Fest. In a tweet posted today (September 8), he elaborated more details on the purpose of Ridgeline Games, and the project it’s working on.

The studio will focus solely on crafting “a narrative Battlefield experience,” Keighley says. This wording may arouse suspicion, because a narrative experience doesn’t necessarily denote single-player. Live service titles like Fortnite also have an overarching narrative, so fans will need to wait and see the form in which this project emerges.

The head of the project is Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment and Head of Battlefield. Whether this is intended to replace Battlefield 2042, or is designed as a separate narrative package, is currently unknown. That said, an official post from EA suggests the former game will continue to receive live service updates in the future. Therefore, it’s clear that EA has not given up on the franchise after the underwhelming reaction to 2042.

Equally, there’s a good chance that this game is still a long way off. A post on the official Battlefield website, also confirming the news, announces several vacant roles at Ridgeline Games. The chances are any narrative project is still in pre-production, and proper development has yet to get underway. Nonetheless, Battlefield fans will be glad to see the franchise soldiering on, while also learning from the errors of its past.