EA Has Reportedly Canceled A Titanfall 2 Sequel And Apex Legends Mobile Game

For many players, EA has not only been the laughing stock of gaming companies, but companies in general. That’s because the blunders seem to keep on coming. Now, EA is making yet another fan-upsetting decision. Reports from all over the web are saying that the company has canceled two games supposedly in development. They include a follow-up to the FPS mech game Titanfall 2 and a mobile version of the popular Apex Legends. Reasons for such a decision seem to stem from EA’s doubt that either game will be profitable, but that won’t stop players from being upset about it.

EA Drops Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends Games

EA Drops Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends Games

The Titanfall series was born in 2014 with Titanfall 2 coming out in 2016. The massive-online-multiplayer Apex Legends originally debuted in 2019. Though the former may not be as widespread as it once was, it still had a hugely positive reception and the latter still continues to draw in numbers.

Unfortunately, those numbers are not big enough according to EA. Based on multiple sources such as Polygon, EA “didn’t consider [Titanfall] a financial hit”. While the planned single-player follow-up may have renewed interest, the company feels that it’s not worth the risk. However, despite Apex Legends being far more financially successful, it doesn’t seem to be viable enough for the mobile platform.

Despite being two completely different games, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends have more in common than may be apparent. Apex Legends is actually the result of trying to create a Titanfall game, but both still share a lot of similarities. Each game is a multiplayer battlefield where players run around expansive arenas shooting each other with futuristic weapons. In Apex Legends, a lot revolves around the character you choose, while in Titanfall 2, it’s about who can get to their giant robot faster.

The overall opinion of EA is not a good one, and cancellations are rarely if ever a positive event. Their latest decision was to completely cancel their plans for a single-player Titanfall 2 follow-up game and the Apex Legends mobile game. While the company’s support for Titanfall is at an all-time low, Apex Legends perseveres.