Elden Ring Albinauric Shield | How to Get

When choosing your defensive options in Elden Ring, you must be quite particular. Foes hit extremely hard in the late game, so you’re going to want something that protects you as much as possible. Consider the Albinauric Shield, an incredibly powerful shield with high physical, magic, fire, and holy damage negation. It is arguably the best all-around medium shield – other than for Fire – in the game. Sadly, this isn’t the easiest shield to get, since you’ll have to go farming. We’ll teach you how to get it fairly quickly.

How to Get the Albinauric Shield in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Albinauric Shield map location

The Albinauric Shield is a drop from the strange amphibian enemies called Albinaurics around the ruins of Raya Lucaria. The best farming spot that we’ve found is just northwest of the Academy Gate Town’s Site of Grace, where you can battle two shield warriors on a roof. You can also farm the enemies in the Temple Quarter, though that encounter is a bit more dangerous.

You can farm this shield from any of the frog-like bipeds wandering around Raya Lucaria. However, the spot we’ve marked has a very consistent spawn – not a patrolling one – and allows you to kill two and teleport back to reset their positions.

Take note that these enemies only drop the shield if they are currently wielding one. The others nearby wielding wooden shields won’t drop the Albinauric Shield. Make sure you look for the enemies with metal shields. While farming for the drop you want, you may also find their very basic clubs and Albinauric Bloodclots.

Remember, this shield is fairly rare drop. You may want to improve your Arcane and use a Silver Foot item to improve your chances for it to appear. Otherwise, you may wind up farming them repeatedly as many as 40 or 50 times, as we did.

The Albinauric Shield offers 100% physical damage negation, and among the best magic damage negation stats for medium shields. That’s not all, though! It also offers close to 50% Fire and Holy Resistance, though only 23% Lightning resistance. Generally speaking, it has roughly average Guard Boost for a shield at this level.

However, the best part about this shield is that it’s generic. That means you can use Ashes of War to improve it. You aren’t locked into any particular skill, so go wild. Plus, combined with the right Ash, you can increase its elemental resistances far beyond those of other medium shields, even other late-game mediums like the Silver Mirrorshield.

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