Elden Ring Barrier of Gold Location | Where to Find

Defensive spells are among the coolest magic in Elden Ring. Sure, it’s nice to melt opponents with Glintstone Sorceries, but sometimes you need to become a tank against those kinds of attacks. For that, you’ll want the Barrier of Gold. This Incantation guards you against Magic damage, and you may have even seen it used against you. So where you can find this spell for yourself? Read on to find out.

Where to Find the Barrier of Gold Incantation

Elden Ring Where to Find the Barrier of Gold Incantation

The Barrier of Gold Incantation is dropped by an invisible Teardrop Scarab in Leyndell, the Royal Capital City. Its specific location is only accessible after defeating Godfrey, First Elden Lord. You’ll find the invisible Scarab darting around the walkway guarded by the Lesser Crucible Knight. Time your attack on the scarab just right, and the Barrier of Gold Incantation will drop.

This incantation was used by the champions of the Erdtree in the First and the Second Liurnian Wars, during which the red-haired Radagon joined the heroes’ ranks”

The Lesser Crucible Knight will saunter along the walkway, so you can take your time prepping up for an attack. He’s wielding a lengthy spear, able to strike from a short distance that can knock you down. But remember, he’s only a weaker variant of the Crucible Knight boss; he basically has similar abilities to the boss, but your encounter should be fairly brief. Use ranged attacks to quickly get him out of the way.

Now, for the invisible Teardrop Scarab. While you can’t technically see it, you are able to follow along its path. On the ground you’ll spot glowing footstepscoming from the creature’s movement. He won’t burrow away, but he is incredibly swift in avoiding your attacks. As we said, time your attack just right; anticipate its next steps by standing its way and attacking. You might miss a couple of times, but it won’t take long to get used to. Once you’re able to slay the sneaky beast, the Incantation will be yours for the taking.

Our newly acquired Barrier of Gold greatly increases your magic negation not just for you but also for your nearby allies as well. In order to use the spell, you’ll at least 24 points in Faith.

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