Elden Ring Bewitching Branch | How to Get

In Elden Ring, friends can come in all shapes and sizes, and from across all biomes of the Lands Between. From towering monstrosities to crawling fingers, a wide library of formidable foes greatly stands at nearly every angle of the world. As Tarnished, you travel among your own journey’s grace, with the occasional online ally tagging along for a fight. However, what if you had the power to cast a particular spell on your enemies that temporarily turns them into trustworthy companions? What if this magic came in the form of an obtainable Bewitching Branch? Well, look no further, ye Tarnished; we’ve provided a brief guide on how to acquire a Bewitching Branch.

How to Get Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring

How to Get Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can either locate and shop for a Bewitching Branch or craft one by learning Fevor’s Cookbook [3]. The former option can lead you to the Normadic Merchant stationed over at the northern realm of Liurnia of the Lakes. He’s close to the water, north of the Bellum Church Site of Grace and below the church itself. Only 1,600 Runes are to be spent per Bewitching Branch. Keep in mind that he only carries five branches, which accumulates to 8,000 Runes.

For the aforementioned cookbook, you’ll need to either collect the Mohgwyn Palace map fragment or rest at the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. Then, pay a visit to Gideon Ofnir at Roundtable Hold; he’ll provide the item in question. Once you obtain the cookbook, peek into your inventory to view its recipe: one Sacramental Bud and one Miquella’s Lily.

Bewitching a Knight

With the power of the Bewitching Branch in your hands, you can start messing around with the enemy by having one of their allies turn on them. This opens up a grand window of combative opportunities for any Tarnished to explore, with deception and betrayal playing the field thus forth. One popular example is summoning your allies into the battle with Commander Niall, a well-known boss that truly challenges any fighter. To add an extra punch to the struggle, he summons two of his own knights to fight by his side.

By bewitching one of his knights, the tides of the struggle can ultimately shift in your favor. By taking out the other knight, it’ll be you, your summoned allies, and Niall’s short-term Benedict Arnold as one unstoppable force. You can hold up to 10 Bewitching Branches, so be sure to keep some on deck when you’re ready for a good fight. On a side note, defeating Commander Niall can eventually lead to the acquisition of the Veteran’s Set, which we’ve previously covered with another guide.

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