Elden Ring Black Dumpling | How to Get

Falling to madness in Elden Ring can be one of the most fun and strange times that you can have in the game. The Frenzied Flame school of spells brings this terrifying debuff to your foes, filling them with knowledge beyond comprehension. However, the build requires some help to really get off of the ground. If you’ve found yourself not dealing enough damage with your Elden Ring frenzy build, look no further than the Black Dumpling helm! Let’s go over how to get it and why you should grab it.

How to Get the Black Dumpling in Elden Ring

How to Get the Black Dumpling in Elden Ring

The Black Dumpling helmet in Elden Ring is an enemy drop from first generation Albinaurics whose faces are covered in black leather. To get one for yourself, you’ll need to keep destroying them until the helmet drops. These enemies prominently spawn in the lower half of the Volcano Manor and in lower Leyndell Royal Capital. We recommend farming around the Guest Hall site of Grace, but be warned of the helm’s very low drop rate! This helm grants a 10% boost in damage after suffering madness.

The Black Dumpling is a fairly rare farming item. Unfortunately, that means you have to boost discovery and run at Albinaurics! Our best path was from the Guest Hall site of grace. Turning left, you will be able to clear 6 Albinaurics within the two rooms. One is in the room outside of the Site of Grace, and five in the room with the black staircase. You may need to hunt down the two in the back of the room, but the rest will run at you. Pop a Silver Pickled Foot and wear a Silver Scarab.

The Black Dumpling helm itself is a very low weight, low defense helmet. There are no other items in the Black Dumpling set, so don’t worry about farming anything else once you’ve gotten it.

If you begin to take madness, you will gain a 10% damage buff for 60 seconds while wearing the hat. Because of how rare Madness is, this is only viable on builds that plan on making some use of Frenzied Flame spells. However, thanks to the duration of the buff, you only need to occasionally cast the magic. Dedicated Frenzy builds – especially ones using Howl of Shabiri – will find it easy to proc. However, any build with medium Faith can make this helm into a free 10% damage buff if they pay attention.