Elden Ring Black Whetblade | Where to Find

Elden Ring offers loads of ways to customize your character and their arsenal. Though most weapons have a default affinity, you can eventually change a weapon’s affinity through the use of Whetblades. The Black Whetblade will unlock Poison, Blood, and Occult affinities for your armaments. This key item effectively unlocks the game’s Arcane-scaling affinities, and best of all, you won’t even have to fight a monster to earn it.

Where to Find the Black Whetblade in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Black Whetblade location map

The Black Whetblade can be found in Nokron, the Eternal City. You can pick it up from a corpse located within Night’s Sacred Ground. Given that it’s found in Nokron, you won’t be able to get the Black Whetblade until after defeating Starscourge Radahn. This is how you gain access to Nokron, so prep up your best weapons and spells to take this big guy.

Starscourage Radahn is a demi-god boss, and he’s best dealt with if you have some help on the side. While you can link up with other players to take on the boss together, summoning Spirits can be a huge help. He’s gigantic, has sweeping attacks, and at half health, he’ll soar into the air and transform into a ball of fire – hence the name. Stick to it, win the battle, and you’ll gain access to Nokron. If you want to cheese Radahn to gain access quickly, try using the Rotten Breath Incantation.

Once you reach Nokron, you’ll find that it’s littered with loot. Fallen foes have left behind some worthy items, including the Mimic Tear Ashes, which we’ve actually covered before. But for the Black Whetblade, all you need to do is follow the main city path to reach the Night’s Sacred Ground, then enter the church. At the altar will be a corpse for you to pillage the whetblade in question.

The Black Whetblade key item allows you to apply Poison, Blood, or Occult affinities to your armaments. These scale with Arcane, making them great for Dragon-oriented builds. They’re definitely a nice boost to have in combat. Just remember that other Whetblades can provide different slots for you to utilize, but the Black Whetblade can only give you Poison, Blood, or Occult options.

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