Elden Ring Boc the Seamster Questline | Full Walkthrough

There are few characters as unassuming as Boc the Seamster in Elden Ring. This little misbegotten is one of the easiest to miss characters in the entire game. Starting his quest and then continuing the game can very quickly lead you to missing out on his story. Thankfully, he’s not the most rewarding character to pursue. However, there are some rewards that only he can give you. So, let’s figure out what the Boc the Seamster questline can offer you as a player!

How to Complete the Boc the Seamster Questline

How to Complete the Boc the Seamster Questline

Boc the Seamster begins in middle Limgrave, north of Agheel Lake. If you find the area’s telescope, he is briefly east from there. The Misbegotten is a brown tree, and its location is marked with the number “1” on the map below. Simply roll into it to free him, then talk with him until he gives you mushrooms. Keep talking until he mentions you getting a more just reward.

Boc Locations Lower Limgrave Elden Ring

The Coastal Cave

From here, Boc will move to location number “2” on the map above. At this location, he will be found dying on the ground next to the Site of Grace, begging you not to enter the cave. The cave is full of Misbegotten who are all quite willing to mob you to death. Thankfully, you’ll be a better fighter than Boc! Use the hallways to lure the creatures into bad situations, and then destroy them.

At the end of the dungeon is your first two-boss fight! It’s against two Misbegotten Chieftains. Carefully attract the attention of the first one to the left and lure him back towards the entrance. That way, you can take him out before fighting the other one in the back corner.

The Chieftains will drop Tailoring Tools, a Sewing Needle, and some runes. Make sure to head through the back of the dungeon to get the Church of Dragon Communion site of grace!

Then, head back to Boc. He’s a tailor, and will gladly accept the tools that you’ve found for him. However, he’s in too bad of a shape to really help you yet.

You can use the Tailoring Tools at any Site of Grace to alter armor. These adjustments will remove the cape, very minimally lower the stats of the armor, and adjust your cosmetics. If you don’t like the cape of the armor, then this is a nice little adjustment. If you can’t adjust your armor, you just haven’t found adjustable armor.

It costs 500 runes to tailor your armor. It might seem like a lot in the early game, but it’s an inconsequential amount later on.

Boc After the Coastal Cave

Your next encounter with the tailor will be at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, near 3a. This is the Grace right behind Stormwind Castle, accessible by either killing Godrick or going around the side.

He will now be able to adjust your garments. This works identically to doing it yourself, but Boc does not charge you any runes for his service.

Boc Locations Part 2 Elden Ring

Boc will arrive at multiple different locations over the next parts of your quest. He will appear at:

  • The East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace once you’ve made it through the Academy. You may need to rest at the Site of Grace more than once to cause him to appear.
  • The Atlus Highway Junction Site of Grace once you’ve gotten close to Leyndell.
  • East Capital Ramparts Site of Grace once you’ve gotten through the capital.

These steps are completely optional, but Boc will stay at the East Capital until you’ve either completed his questline or until you outpace his questline.

The Gold Sewing Needle

Elden Ring Gold Sewing Needle

Now, Boc needs a new item: the Gold Sewing Needle. This is a special item found in the Church of Vows, located in Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes. You can get this as soon as you enter Liurnia, as the eastern side of the valley is easily accessible.

You can give this to Boc at any time during his questline. He’ll be excited, but you do need one more item: a Legendary Armor!

You can get legendary armor at Finger Reader Enia, who will offer them for Runes. You must get armor that is alterable, and it also must be demigod armor. We used Radahn’s armor set this, but most other armors with a cape should work.

Have a conversation with Boc. He will talk about wishing he could be reborn. You have two options here.

  1. You can give him a Larval Tear. This item allows you to be reborn by Rennala. He will excitedly take it, and move to Rennala’s chambers.
  2. You can use the Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful.”

If you wait too long and do not do either of these options, he may just go and off himself anyways.

Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful”

Elden Ring You're Beautiful

The Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful” is a usable, non-consumable item in Elden Ring. You can find it in Hermit Village at Mt. Gelmir. In order to get there, you’ll have to loop around from the bottom of Atlus Plateau, move northeast into Mt. Gelmir, and circle around the map; past Fort Laiedd, past the Hermit’s Shack and Craftsman’s Shake, all the way up to the village. Near here is where you can obtain Comet Azur.

The Prattling Pate is located next to the Southernmost House, on the side of the neighboring building.

You can use this item next to Boc to continue the questline.

Ending Boc’s Questline

If you give Boc the Larval Tear, head next to Rennala’s Site of Grace. You should see a new person nearby; a human! Wearing Boc’s clothes! Unfortunately, he seems to be unresponsive. And, when you rest at the bonfire again, he will die. He does not drop anything when he dies.

If you use the Prattling Pate, you can talk to Boc about it right afterwards. He’ll be happy that you think he’s pretty, and will offer you his services forever. From now on, he’ll be near the East Capital Rampart Gate Site of Grace, and will be able to alter your gear for free. This has no intrinsic benefit, other than saving you a few runes.

Alternatively, if you are too hasty with giving him the Golden Needle, Boc may randomly head to Rennala and die anyways. Be sure to have the Larval Tear or “You’re Beautiful!” before talking with him post-Golden Needle, or else you may be locked out of his questline’s ending.

Boc’s questline is honestly not too worthwhile, but it has a bunch of fun writing and a decent character. Chase him down if you wish!