Elden Ring Bosses | How Many Are There?

Elden Ring is a massive, open world game — by far the largest that FromSoft has ever produced. Because of that, there are many bosses that players can run into. Some of these bosses are relatively simple fights, and others can give you the battle of a lifetime. But, let’s put a number on this. How many bosses are in Elden Ring? How many are required for all players to fight if they want to finish the story? And how many mini-bosses are scattered across the world?

This list does not have spoilers for boss names or locations.

How Many Bosses Does Elden Ring Have?

How Many Bosses Does Elden Ring Have?

Elden Ring has a total of 83 bosses scattered about its massive open world. These include story bosses, optional bosses, and bosses between the main bosses that appear in required areas but do not give Great Runes. You will have to fight and defeat the Lords, bosses that are found in Legacy Dungeons. Currently, we know of nine required “Demigods” or Lords that you’ll have to carve through. The other 74 bosses are optional fights, and are not required to advance the story.

We say “optional” hypothetically because a player will come across dozens of these bosses in a real playthrough. Each of these bosses provide big piles of loot and rewards that will allow you to progress through the story. You should farm a few of these guys, because they can offer talismans and weapons that may be handy later on.

The Demigods, or Lords, are different than the optional bosses. These grant the Great Souls, and so are required to finish the main story of the campaign. These legacy dungeons are pointed to by Lost Graces, which direct you towards main dungeons. Because of this, these are the more difficult bosses, with complicated attack patterns and high damage. Build a strategy and you’ll do fine!

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