Elden Ring Brother Corhyn Questline | Full Walkthrough

Accessing all of the endings of Elden Ring takes a sturdy back and a lot of time. Not every character will give you the Runes needed to unlock different endings. And the ones that will unlock different endings are sometimes the most meek and unassuming ones! Brother Corhyn is a Incantation teacher at the Roundtable whose questline will bring you across the Lands Between. Despite his rather basic look, Corhyn will unlock another possible ending for Elden Ring. And his entire questline feels like a love letter to Solaire from Dark Souls! There’s no reason not to give it a try! Let’s start the quest!

How to Complete the Brother Corhyn Questline

How to Complete the Brother Corhyn Questline

Brother Corhyn’s questline starts at Roundtable Hold. He’s the robed man sitting off to the side, easily identified by the wheel around his neck. You can talk to him or not. He sells you incantations and can be given prayerbooks, though it is recommended that you instead give them to Miriel at the Church of Vows.

His quest does not begin until you’ve reached the Altus Plateau, either by using the Lift of Dectus or by completing the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Dungeon, he will move to the Altus Plateau.

You can find Brother Corhyn next to the map for the Altus Plateau. Head north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, near the large white bridge to the West of Leyndell. He will be talking about a figure known as the Goldmask, and will wonder where he is.

The First Location of Goldmask

Elden Ring Goldmask Starting Location

Goldmask stands on a bridge in northern Altus Plateau. You may reach it by simply heading north of where Brother Corhyn sits, though it will be a minor journey. He is a tall, nearly naked figure. Talk with him and then head back to tell Brother Corhyn that you’ve found him.

When you reload the area, Corhyn will be next to Goldmask. Talk with him and Goldmask until you’ve exhausted their dialogue. Goldmask’s dialogue should be rather simple.

The next part of the quest is not until you get at least two Great Runes and gain access to Leyndell. When you do, they will move towards the large, coliseum-like structure in the capital.

Brother Corhyn in Leyndell

Brother Corhyn Part 2 Questline

The next location of Brother Corhyn is a bit hard to get to. Once you begin climbing the branches towards the top of the capital, you can follow the branches to the island to the west. This island has duelists walking around on them. Defeat the duelists and head to the spot shown on the above map.

Here, you will see Goldmask and Corhyn, but Corhyn seems upset. Goldmask is doing some strange stuff! We’re going to have to help them out.

Law of Regression

In order to complete this part of the quest, you must learn the Law of Regression spell. This spell is found with the Golden Order Principia prayerbook. In order to get this book, defeat Godrick, First Elden Lord, then exist east. From there, climb the root that gets back to the building’s second floor. Hop out of the exit and jump onto the roof. Head back inside through a broken window, climbing up a root towards a hanging chair.

Take the Principia to Corhyn or the turtle and learn the spells. In order to cast Law of Regression, you’ll need 37 Intelligence.

If needed, we suggest using two Larval Tears to get yourself 37 Intelligence, then going back to your build. However, any character can get there.

The best Intelligence items are:

  • Twinsage Glintstone Crown (Helm, Raya Lucaria)
  • Marika’s Soreseal (Talisman, Haligtree)
    • Marika’s Scarseal grants +3, only two less than the Soreseal, and is available in Siofra River.
  • Stargazer Heirloom (Divine Tower of Liurnia)
  • Godrick’s Great Rune
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword (Requires 14 Dex and 27 Strength)
  • Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear

Using all of these items together will grant you 36 Intelligence, allowing any build to cast Law of Regression.

Cast this spell in front of the statue of Marika at the bottom of the elevator to the west of the Erdtree Sanctuary. When you cast it, the message in front of the statue should have changed.

Head back to Goldmask and report the news. He will finally emote, if only a little bit. You can then talk to Corhyn. He will give you the Immutable Shield incantation.

Corhyn After Regression

Brother Corhyn Last Potential Spot Elden Ring

After this event, head to the Mountaintop of the Giants. On the bridge shown above is Brother Corhyn and Goldmask. Corhyn seems to be in disarray.

Talk to Corhyn and exhaust his dialogue. If you’ve done some of Volcano Manor and Rya’s Questline, you may have the Tonic of Forgetfulness. If you have this item, you can offer it to Corhyn. This will not spend the tonic; it will remain in your inventory. You may choose to do this, or you may choose not to. All this will change is his final location.

Now, you must complete the Crumbling Farum Azula. When this dungeon is completed, you will be teleported to the final area of the game.

Finishing the Questline

Elden Ring Goldmask Brother Corhyn Quest End

Brother Corhyn will be in one of two places. If you did not give him the tonic, head to the base of the bronze spear in the plaza. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. Then, either teleport or save and quit. In his place will be his Bell Bearing with all of his incantations as well as his robe.

The mighty Goldmask is elsewhere. Head south of Corhyn’s body until you find a staircase. Instead of going up the staircase, go down between the cracks of the two buildings. You’ll see a bridge. Go across it and continue until you see the Goldmask and a floating rune. Take the rune. Then, save and quit and reload the area. Then, you may loot Goldmask’s set… Without the mask. We don’t want to be disrespectful, here!

Where is Goldmask’s Mask?

If you want to equip Goldmask’s Mask, you can actually get it quite early. From Goldmask’s first location on the bridge, simply head south to the other crumbling bridge parts. The mask will be on the body at the far tip of the bridge.

The mask is nothing special, but does give rather good non-physical resistance for its weight. In addition, it improves the potency of Golden Order incantations by 10%. If you like the Order incantation line, then this is a must-have equip!