Elden Ring | Can You Compare Armor at Shops?

For most RPGs, the ability to compare armor equipment stats at a shop is the most basic way players can make informed purchases. Elden Ring is quickly shaping up to be the top RPG of 2022, and with players grinding their way through several different stat builds, you would think this feature would be important in this game. However, players may find themselves disappointed at this possible oversight.

Can You Compare Armor At Shops in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Compare Armor

I am sad to report that you cannot compare armor at shops in Elden Ring. For a game that is very heavy on detailed stats, it is a bit shocking to find out that this basic feature is absent from such a successful and solid-built game. One can easily compare stats of equipment they already have in their inventory, but doing this does nothing to assist in making an informed equipment purchase with your precious Runes.

Bear in mind, the lack of the ability to compare armor stats at shops is is just one of very few missteps in what is otherwise an absolutely stellar game. That being said, we’re all hoping that FromSoftware will be able to patch this in at some point in the game’s lifetime.

While there may be plenty of resources available online to look up the stats of every piece of equipment in Elden Ring, it would be nice not to have to pull out your phone to compare armor and look up these differences when they could just be there on the screen. Y’know, like nearly every RPG in the last 30+ years has done successfully?

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