Elden Ring Carian Retaliation | How to Get

Ploughing through Elden Ring can be an intimidating prospect — and that’s exactly why Carian Retaliation is so useful. This Sorcery performs a parry role, letting you deflect oncoming enemy magic, and even sending them back toward them. If you’re a defensive player, this spell can be a game changer. Here’s how to get Carian Retaliation in Elden Ring.

How to Get Carian Retaliation in Elden Ring

How to Get Carian Retaliation in Elden Ring

The Carian Retaliation Sorcery is sold by the merchant Pidia in Caria Manor. Unfortunately, Pidia is a bit difficult to reach. To find him, you’ll need to start your journey near Seluvis’s Rise, towards the south-east of the area beyond the manor, then work your way down the manor’s outer perimeter.

Starting from Seluvis’s Rise, trek to the outer edge of the manor grounds, then go to the bottom-right corner of the building’s wall. If you find it correctly, you’ll notice a dip in the cliff perimeter, which drops down to a stone plinth. Then drop down onto the wooden scaffold below the open gap in the wall. Drop down twice more, onto another wooden slab, and then the stony wall that has a hatch leading downward.

Follow the ladder down into that hatch, and you’ll come across the merchant Pidia. Talk to him, you’ll notice the Carian Retaliation Sorcery among his wares for sale. It’ll set you back 3,000 runes to buy, but it’s definitely worth that price. From there, you can equip it by resting at a Site of Grace, same as any other spell.

We definitely recommend heading to Selvius’s Rise and getting the Carian Retaliation, purely due to how useful it is in combat. The ability to parry enemy spells and send them back is invaluable, especially against magic-based enemies further into the game. Even better is that you don’t have to complete any lengthy quests to purchase it. All you need is a little bit of platforming!