Elden Ring Celebrates Anniversary with Player Combat Statistics

Even after release, some games will still try to capture player attention and excitement with new content and promotional events. A recent example is Elden Ring coming up on its first-year anniversary. After its highly successful first year, the developers have published an infographic showcasing some of the major statistics among Elden Ring players. It’s always interesting to see what kinds of behaviors and challenges are common in the community. Of course, some of the numbers may be obvious — especially when it comes to failure. Still, the details here paint an interesting picture of player behavior.

Elden Ring Community Stats

Before Elden Ring was released in early 2022, it was already lining up to be a huge hit. That’s especially true considering it was From Software’s latest and greatest challenge. Since then, the game has been beaten by players — and beaten players — in numerous ways.

To celebrate one year of action, Bandai Namco has published an infographic showing statistics for some of the biggest elements of the game. They cover the most-attempted boss fights, the common causes of death, the most-used spells, and incantations. Just as an indicator of how many players have tried to beat the game, there are over nine billion recorded deaths, with more than one-tenth of them caused by falling. You can find the full infographic here.

From Software games can be brutal challenges that test a player’s patience. Naturally, Elden Ring is no different. As a warrior adventuring through a bleak, dangerous world, there’s never a time when you feel totally safe. You’re always moving, meaning you’re more likely to make mistakes, especially when entering an area for the first time. Still, the other trap is one of repetition and frustration. The more you fail in one place, the more the pressure starts to get to you and you start rushing just to speed things up. Of course, this will lead to additional deaths which will go on the record.

A happy anniversary to Elden Ring which will likely have more updates and new content coming in the future. Until then, the Battle Scars Infographic showing in-game statistics is a fun way to look back on the impact that the game has had so far.