Elden Ring Claymore | How to Get

One of the staple weapons in the Dark Souls series of games is the Claymore. It’s a massive sword with the potential to deal some significant damage. Being that Elden Ring is a FromSoftware title, these weapons return in full force. However, there are some things the players are going to have to do if they want to get their hands on a Claymore as soon as possible. We’ve got you covered on how to get one!

How to Get the Claymore in Elden Ring

How to Get a Claymore in Elden Ring

To get a Claymore, you’re going to want to set a course south, towards the Weeping Peninsula. A good place to start heading in that direction is by going to Castle Morne Rampart’s site of grace, and just starting to go south, following the road. It’ll be a lot easier to see where you’re going, as a map fragment is along the trail as well.

Keep heading south until you come across the lift to the castle. This is where the Claymore lies, but there are dangers ahead. Rest at the site of grace and get on the elevator. Make your way up, and stick to the left side of the courtyard. There will be some dogs, so if you don’t have a bow, you’re going to have to take them out by hand.

Head upwards through the courtyard, and find a short staircase and a ladder. Climb the ladder, and take out the enemies at the top. Then, jump from the top of the latter onto the tent, jump over the wall in front of you, head through the door, and make a left. There you’ll find a treasure chest containing the Claymore.

With a weapon like this, it’s going to take some strength and dexterity to hold it. It won’t equip unless you have at least 16 in Strength and 13 in Dexterity. The Claymore is perfect for high damage, but its low attack speed is going to leave you vulnerable to attacks. With this in mind, if the Claymore is your speed, you should be able to make a very good high damage build for keeping the enemies at bay while you hack them to pieces.