Elden Ring Cookbooks | How to Use

Cookbooks in Elden Ring essentially supply players with crafting recipes to use during their explorations. With such a wide range of consumables and ammunition, there will be desperate moments where crafting might be your last resort. Therefore, it’s critical to collect as many Cookbooks as possible, and it’s incredibly easy to utilize them. To see how you can use your Cookbooks, we’ve assembled this quick guide to give you a hand.

How to Use Cookbooks in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Use Cookbooks

In Elden Ring, there are 8 different types of Cookbooks that all offer unique items to craft from. They all act as automatic key items in the game; in other words, all you need to do is collect them wherever the game takes you for them to take immediate effect. From there, you can access your crafting recipes by pausing and selecting the Item Crafting tab. This is where you’ll see all of your available recipes, all within the order according to their type. You can also view your collected Cookbooks by scrolling through your Inventory to see which ones you might already have.

Now, to properly use your Cookbooks, you essentially craft whichever resources you have on you that correspond to your chosen recipe. One of the more common recipes you’ll see are arrows and many of their variants, including bloodbone, coldbone, fire, poisonbone, etc. You can easily find some of these Cookbooks at your nearby merchant, but they will also be elsewhere throughout the Lands Between. Some are obtained by fallen foes; a good amount is hidden away in different locations; certain NPCs will gift you with one or two along your journey.

As aforementioned, there are 8 different types that expand your crafting repertoire in Elden Ring. They are Nomadic Warrior’s, Armorer’s, Glintstone Craftsman’s, Missionary’s, Ancient Dragon Apostle’s, Perfumer’s, Fevor’s, and Frenzied. Keep in mind that there are more Cookbooks in one category than there might be in the next. Basically, there are 24 Nomadic Warrior’s books to collect, 7 for Armorer’s, 8 for Glintstone Craftsman’s, 7 for Missionary’s, 4 for Ancient Dragon Apostle’s, also 4 for Perfumer’s, 3 for Fevor’s, and 2 for Frenzied. Travel safe, ye Tarnished.

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