Elden Ring Crystal Cave Moss | Where to Farm

While exploring a cave in Elden Ring, you may have come across some Crystal Cave Moss. This sparkling green material is used in many of the game’s most beneficial crafting recipes. What’s even better, is this material is not all that rare, and can actually be farmed if you know where to look. In our guide below, we’ll show you how and where to farm Crystal Cave Moss in Elden Ring.

Where to Farm Crystal Cave Moss in Elden Ring

Where to Farm Crystal Cave Moss in Elden Ring

As its namesake implies, Crystal Cave Moss can be found in caves. Fortunately, three of these caves can all be found in the same Liurnia of the Lakes region. There’s the Academy Crystal Cave located along the shoreline just west of the Raya Lucaria Academy. There’s also the Lakeside Crystal Cave in the south end of Lirunia of the Lakes, just north of the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack. Finally, there’s also Stillwater Cave just behind Stormveil Castle. All three of these locations are ripe with Crystal Cave Moss.

Just as well, these can be farmed. Meaning you can grab whatever you can out of one of these caves, rest at a nearby Site of Grace, then just go back and grab some more. Granted, any enemies you killed also respawn when doing this. Farming these is important because the moss is an ingredient in crafting all three types of Boluses.

Preserving Boluses cure Scarlet Rot. Clarifying Boluses alleviate Madness buildup, and Rejuvenating Boluses will remove Death Blight. All three of these status ailments can take you out quickly if you’re not prepared. Many items in Elden Ring can only be found or purchased in a fixed amount, so it’s very important to take advantage of farmable materials whenever possible. It’s one of only a few breaks this game is willing to give.

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