Elden Ring Crystalians | How to Beat

The Elden Ring Crystalians are swift humanoid bosses that vary with three different fighting styles. You have the Spear, Ringblade, and Staff Crystalians, all of which require cautious tip-toeing and backstabbing. Of course, this is easier said than done; you’ll have to face off against two or three of them on more than one occasion. Maintaining one combative pattern in the game is already challenging, but these optional bosses aren’t difficult to slay. In a nutshell, it’s all a matter of luring them in one by one on the field. Here’s how you can defeat the Crystalians.

How to Beat Crystalians in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Beat Crystalians

There are four basic Crystalian encounters that will pit the player inside a boss area. The Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave will be you against a Ringblade Crystalian; within the Altus Tunnel will be a 2v1 scenario with a Spear and a Ringblade; an aggressive duo will arm themselves with a Spear and a Staff in the Academy Crystal Cave; the final boss variant is a trio with a risk of catching Scarlet Rot from the Putrid Cystialians inside the Sellia Hideaway. The key to beating these Crystalians is to take them out one by one with consistent luring, dodging, and poise breakage.

The Spear enemy can be easily manipulated by allowing them to charge at you with their jabs until they exhaust the attempted combo. This is your window to strike. It’s important to note that their armor is essentially made of crystal; as soon as their armor begins to shatter, their damage intake will significantly increase. But you’ll have to keep an eye on the other two bosses in blue when possible.

A Ringblade variant can either toss its blade toward you, throw smaller ringblades, or spin in the air whilst hitting anything in its path. This baddie has obvious open weak points where you can easily strike. A simple side-forward dash and attack will do the trick as long as you can land a strike upon those weak spots. Dealing sufficient damage will result in their stance ultimately breaking, giving you the opportunity to critically harm them.

As for the Staff boss, you won’t have much trouble here. The main issue is having to avoid all three variants’ attacks while focusing your offense on one. The Staff wielder saunters as opposed to its two fellow fighters who are more agile in combat. You’ll notice the Staff Crystalian charging up magic during the battle, and his attacks are considerably slower in execution. Therefore, take advantage of their poor timing by running up behind them and laying melee attacks until you’re ready to move along. Due to the Staff’s avoidable spells, he’s probably the easiest and quickest to defeat.

What’s important is that you don’t trap yourself between two or three of them. An unfortunate chain reaction of crystalline damage can take place if your rhythm is off. Additionally, you should avoid using magic; their damage absorption is relatively decent when it comes to magic, fire, lightning, and holy attacks. Thus, it’s best to stick to the good ole sharpened steel if you wish to see their crystals crack. But if worse comes to worst, you can always summon an ally to help you as well. It’s only fair game if you have someone fighting by your side, too.

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