Elden Ring Erudition Gesture | How to Get

Elden Ring continues the Souls-like tradition of being chock-full of gestures. These are little animations and poses you can have your character perform. Usually, they are just social, but sometimes they are required for secrets and side paths. For example, if you’ve come across a certain Converted Tower, you may run into a seal. This tower can only be entered by using a specific emote. The Erudition gesture is the only way into the Converted Tower, so it is high-quality! Let’s find out where it is so we can get inside.

How to Get the Erudition Gesture in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Erudition Gesture

The Erudition gesture of Elden Ring is located within the Academy of Raya Lucaria. To find it, enter the Debate Parlor, one of the Lost Grace points. Head through the rooftops by hooking to the left staircase. Keep following the left staircase until you reach the rooftop section. Climb up the ladder while taking out the enemies safely. At the very end of the rooftops, on the Rafter section, you can drop onto a Chandalier to get the Academy Glintstone Key. Give this to Sorcerer Thops in the Church of Irith – close to the end of Stormveil Castle – to get the Erudition emote.

This is a very long journey across rooftops. High magic resistance and health is required. However, the run is relatively close to a Lost Grace. Just keep going up that left staircase after the courtyard, clearing enemies, until you reach the rafter section. The chandelier with the Academy Glintstone Key is not hard to see – the key itself is a Purple-tier loot.

Once you have the Erudition gesture, you’re in a good spot. Now all you need is the Glintstone Crown helm, which is available in the Academy. Head to the back of the Courtyard and find the crystal crab tucked away in the far back left corner of the Debate Parlor courtyard.

Once you use the Erudition gesture with this crown on, you can finally get into the Converted Tower.

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