Elden Ring Eternal Darkness Location | Where to Find

Every mage in Elden Ring has something sneaky up their sleeves. The Eternal Darkness is one spell that has the ability to draw enemy magic away from you. Similar to how Carian Retaliation can parry spells and return fire, Eternal Darkness instead drives the power in a different direction. It’s the perfect sorcery to utilize if you’re facing off against a mage invader. However, to get the Eternal Darkness spell, you’ll first have to travel to Caelid.

Where to Find Eternal Darkness in Elden Ring

Where to Find Eternal Darkness in Elden Ring

The Eternal Darkness Sorcery can be found on a corpse in the Swamp Lookout Tower’s jail cell in Caelid. It’s located north up the road from the Sellia Gateway, and you won’t have any enemies chasing you if you’re quick enough. However, a bloodhound knight lingers in the tower, so you must defeat him before you can scoop up the Eternal Darkness. The reason being is that you need to open a door before obtaining the loot, so it’s best to take care of the swift knight to avoid interruption.

If you trust Torrent enough to speed past all the enemies, you should get there without getting a scratch. Commence your journey at the Church of the Plague in eastern Caelid. From there, you’ll have to travel south toward the Sellia Gateway while remaining on the high road. Winged beasts will be in the area, as well as a troll. Before the troll, go through the doorway on top of the Sellia Gateway and ignore the hostile sorcerers. You might have to jump over them, but once you evade their attacks, you’ll be golden. Finally, head north past the sheep and approach the ruined tower. As aforesaid, slay the knight, and the Eternal Darkness will then be in your possession.

Originally a lost sorcery of the Eternal City; the despair that brought about its ruin made manifest.”

This forbidden night sorcery will cost 25 FP, and you’ll need an Intelligence 35 to properly cast it. But it is without a doubt a robust spell that you’ll want to have in your inventory. It’s an essential defensive maneuver that can help win you the battles throughout the Lands Between.

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