Elden Ring Evergaols | What Are They?

Elden Ring is honestly one of the most terrifying open worlds you can come across. Everything can be trapped and send you into an endless spiral of pain and misery as you scramble to gather your Runes again. So, the true Dark Souls experience! That being said, there are a few interesting elements of the map that dot the landscape of the Lands Between. The Evergaols are a repeating element of Elden Ring that you will see a few times during your journey. If you are scared of them, then we will tell you all you need to know, and trust us; there are much scarier elements of this game!

What Are Evergaols in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Evergaols

Evergaols are boss fight arenas that populated the overworld of Elden Ring. They are far from Summoning Pools, forcing you to fight them in a one-on-one situation. However, they are often out in the open, and you don’t need to fight many hostile enemies to access the boss fight itself; simply interact with the glowing rock in the center and you can fight the boss. There also tend to be Lost Grace and Statues nearby to allow you to fight the boss a few times to get used to them.

Evergaols transform into a circular arena. They are like a mirror of the “real” world, and thus the arena you’ll fight in is just like the Evergaol itself. Because of this, when you die, your souls will not be in the boss arena. Instead, they’ll be in the overworld, in a very safe area of the map. These bosses are great for practicing new weapons or playstyles, as well as farming for loot.

That being said, these bosses are no pushovers. Because you can fight them over and over again, they tend to be fast and dangerous. Persevere or come back later. There tend to be Lost Grace sites relatively close to the Evergaol that you can travel to later.

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