Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Shield | How to Get

Defense may be a challenging aspect to master in Elden Ring, but the tide of battle can flip quickly with the right shield. Aside from the glorious arm barriers that any Tarnished could excel at, there is one shield that stands high above many across the Lands Between. Hidden deep within Leyndell is the area known as the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, which ultimately lead the player to the location of the Fingerprint Stone Shield. These grounds are filled with wonder; it’s a decent bet to make for those who wish to explore the underground workings beneath the Erdtree.

How to Get the Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring

How to Get the Fingerprint Stone Shield in Elden Ring

The Fingerprint Stone Shield is located inside the Cathedral of the Forsaken, found within the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. It’s toward the end of this dungeon, but you’ll need to defeat Mohg, the Omen before proceeding. From there, the enemies metaphorically morph into obstacle issues; we jump down toward the Fingerprint Stone Shield for the retrieval. Only there shall the Tarnished be challenged with patience and cautious footing.

Firstly, upon defeating Mohg, roll or slash the wall behind his treasure chest to unveil a secret path. You’ll eventually run into a deep end with wooden bridges and headstones, but there’s no one here to harm you. Amid this area are either alive, dead, or in-depth Nomad musicians who peacefully play their violins. Here, you’ll find multiple pickings for a yellow ember to loot from the masses of still Nomads. However, the Fingerprint Stone Shield in question requires careful platforming in order to retrieve it.

In a nutshell, commence your platforming journey on top of the first wooden bridge. Below will be two additional bridges to jump down onto. Do this, then position yourself near the lonesome Nomad playing the violin by the headstones. From here, jump down onto the southwest headstones by hugging the walls whilst sticking close to the protruding headstones. This is where things get tricky. You’ll need to slowly move your character along the wall to land on the next headstone; otherwise, you’ll plummet to your death. It’s all a matter of patience and timing.

How to Get Down the Cathedral of the Forsaken

Elden Ring Fingerprint Stone Nomad

In a few steps, here’s how you can acquire the Fingerprint Stone Shield. Start near the final Nomad at the southwest end of the final wooden bridge. Jump down onto the headstones of the west end until you can hop over to the eastern platforms. There will be one eastward platform with a difficult space right below it that’s totally identical, almost as if it’s impossible to land onto. However, it’s feasible if you can maneuver carefully.

Time your movements carefully, and once you land on the complicated space, you’ll find the Inescapable Frenzy Incantation on a body on a ledge. Finally, head down the hall from the spell’s location to scoop the loot from the body at the end of the section: the Fingerprint Stone Shield is now yours.

It’s been noted that many Tarnished warriors have more trouble acquiring the shield in question as opposed to fighting Mohg. For us, it definitely took a few attempts to grab the shield, even to the point of losing all of our Runes. Yet, it’s a notable shield that many might find to be extremely useful in combat.

The immersive power with the Fingerprint Stone Shield will require ye Tarnished to be at a Strength 48 to properly wield. Keep in mind that the shield weight is 29, so it’s in the best interest to tread lightly and strike when the moment is more opportune. This shield is also capable of shoving weaker foes backward, making this item a worthwhile grab for PvP folks and defensive characters.

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