Elden Ring Giant Crusher | How to Get

The Giant Crusher in Elden Ring is a long-forgotten weapon that is easily one of the heaviest in the game. Players are likely to stumble across this colossal weapon randomly, but there are always some obstacles along the way. With this in mind, getting a hold of the Giant Crusher is actually fairly simple. To see where you can find it, we invite you to continue reading.

How to Get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring

How to Get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring

The Giant Crusher is inside of a chest behind a hearse south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. It’s in the middle of a patrolling circle near the cliffs. It’s also slightly west of the Minor Erdtree Church grace point, but players might have visited the former site at this point. For further reference, it’s toward the western walls of Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Obtaining the Giant Crusher isn’t just a breezy looting experience. As soon as you find the lonely hearse near the southern cliffs, ready your equipment. A Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit awaits your arrival, along with a few minions at its feet. Although, to be fair, whenever the Tree Spirit made its entrance, it ended up killing its own allies. So realistically speaking, the centipede-like monster is your sole worry in this situation. The arena here is a bit tight, but it does offer the option of summoning ashes for this fight. And since the Tree Spirit exposes its sides when going for an attack, there are some tag-team maneuvers that you can perform here.

By the far, the best solution is to switch distracting strikes between you and your summons to keep the Tree Spirit off its balance. Two of its major annoying moves are the bite & swallow scoop and its holy attacks, both of which can be evaded once you learn the patterns. Once the trouble subsides, you may safely approach the back of the hearse to acquire the Giant Crusher.

Elden Ring Giant Crusher

This massive weapon has a C scaling in Strength, requiring a Strength 60 stat in order to be utilized. It’s important to note that it weighs in at 26.5 lbs., and it’s upgradeable with Smithing Stones. Additionally, it comes with the Endure skill, which goes perfectly with tank builds that expect to get hit. In return, the weapon provides intense power with a special R2 attack for both one-handed and two-handed strikes.

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