Elden Ring Godfrey Icon | How to Get

Talismans are perhaps the most powerful equipment available in Elden Ring. From percentage damage increases to improving your stealth, you’ll find something impressive within your jewelry slot. However, for some builds, you’re going to need a particular talisman so you can maximize your abilities. The Godfrey Icon is a talisman in Elden Ring that’s strong enough to support a build by itself. By boosting damage, it offers a brand new perspective on the Charged build type, which is usually very hard to pull off. If you’re having trouble finding it, we can help you out!

How to Get the Godfrey Icon in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Godfrey Icon location map

The Godfrey Icon is located east of the Grand Lift of Dectus in the Golden Lineage Evergaol. However, to get there, you must go north until you reach a point of the ledge where you can drop down. Then, you must ride south underneath the land bridge that the road goes across. After spending a Stonesword key and fighting a boss fight against Godefroy the Grafted – a rematch against Godrick the Grafted – you’ll get your talisman.

This location is not only available via the Lift. If you can get onto the Atlus Plateau in other ways, you can make your way over here. That means you can climb the Ruin Strewn Precipice to get there instead.

You unfortunately cannot drop down the cliff to get to the Golden Lineage Evergaol. That fall is fatal. You have to go north first and circle around.

The Godefrey fight is against Godrick’s first phase, with some slight adjustments to damage and health. As long as you remember how to fight the big lug, you should have no trouble taking him out.

The talisman itself is a unique item. It powers up all charged incantations and sorceries, as well as all charged skills. This makes it a good pairing with very long-lasting casted spells and skills, such as Carian Grandeur.

Just note that this ability does not function with charged heavy attacks. It only works with spells and skills; basically, if it spends FP, you will get a buff with this. It also needs to be chargeable. For instance, Lightning Spear does more damage the longer you hold the button, as well as spending slightly more Stamina. However, a spell like Lightning Strike can be spammed, and does not do anything different the longer you hold the button. Pay attention to your spells and skills before equipping this talisman.