Elden Ring Golden Epitaph | Where to Find

Elden Ring has no shortage of unique weapons. Often times, they can be found merely by exploring, with very little or no clues to follow otherwise. However, this doesn’t help if you’re looking for a particular weapon, especially one that works well with Strength and Faith builds like this one. We’ll show you how to find the Golden Epitaph in this handy guide!

Where To Find the Golden Epitaph in Elden Ring

Golden Epitaph Straight Sword

The Golden Epitaph can be found in Auriza Hero’s Grave, located on the far northeastern side of Leyndell, the Royal Capital. The grave is just south of the Crucible Knight Ordovis boss fight.

Fortunately, if all you’re after is the Golden Epitaph, grabbing it should be easy. Right upon entering the Auriza Hero’s Grave, you will immediately see a doorway blocked by fog to the left side of the far wall. Let’s hope you have a Stonesword Key on hand, since you will need it to clear the barrier.

Once entering the room, you will be ambushed by two Basilisks. They are large, bug-eyed lizards that spew Blight all around. Dispatch them and examine the nearby corpse to claim your new Straight Sword. On top of looking cool, it’s also a very good sword for fighting undead. It deals Holy damage that is equal to its Physical damage rating. Naturally, it scales well with both Strength and Faith, and Somber Smithing Stones will raise both damage ratings on par with one another.

This sword also has a unique skill called Last Rites, which will raise your attack and vastly increase damage against Those Who Live In Death and other undead enemies. This skill doesn’t just affect you; it will also buff any allies you have nearby. It’s very effective for group efforts, for sure! However, it’s also important to know this weapon cannot use any Ashes of War, and you cannot use any weapon greases or other booster items with it.

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