Elden Ring Golden Halberd | How to Get

Slowing grinding and developing your character in Elden Ring is all part of the adventure. As you progress through the Lands Between, you’ll come across incredible pieces of armor and weaponry. You’ll need to use these pieces to continually upgrade your kit. Of course, the most defining part of your character’s play style is their weapon of choice. And one of the best, the Golden Halberd, you can actually get early on in the game. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Nonetheless, If you want to know how to get the weapon, read on to find out!

How to Get Golden Halberd in Elden Ring

How to Get Golden Halberd in Elden Ring

You can get the Golden Halberd in Elden Ring by killing the Tree Sentinel in Limgrave. Right after you complete the introductory stage dungeon and first step foot into the open world of the Lands Between is when you first come across this enemy who’s wielding the weapon. Known as the Tree Sentinel, but he’ll most likely jog your memory as the golden horseback-riding knight you first come across as you make your way to the first Site of Grace.

Knowing FromSoftware, the Tree Sentinel and his almighty Golden Halberd is obviously bait. It’s the first enemy, technically boss fight, you see after getting access to the open world. Most players will take a stab at him right away, though unless you’re a master at dodge and parry, you’re just too low a level to take the fight on initially. The easiest way to beat the Tree Sentinel is to take the fight to his playing field, on horseback.

That means you need to unlock your trusty steed first, which you do at the Site of Grace near Gate front Ruins. So, we highly suggest you first unlock your horse and grab a somewhat powerful weapon before you take on the Tree Sentinel fight. It’s also good to note, that you need 30 Strength, 14 Dexterity, and 12 Faith to effectively use the Golden Halberd. So, we don’t suggest going for the Tree Sentinel, and thusly his Golden Halberd, until you’ve reached that level requirement.

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