Elden Ring Great Runes | How to Use

The wild world of Elden Ring includes a plethora of things for the player to do. However, it can be a confusing game. Not paying attention while playing can lead to powerful items like Great Runes going unused. With a Great Rune, you can bestow abilities and buffs onto your Tarnished. However, you may not realize how to use these items, nor understand how they can help turn the tides of battle. For that, we can help.

How to Use Great Runes in Elden Ring

How to use Great Runes in Elden Ring

Great Runes cannot be used until their power has been restored at a Divine Tower. Each Great Rune dropped by a boss has a corresponding tower you must visit in order to restore its power. Once power is restored, you’ll be able to equip your Great Rune by resting at a Site of Grace. Then, you can activate it using a Rune Arc. These items are normally found as random loot drops around the world. Rune Arcs are consumed upon use, but the effects they bestow will last until the next time your character dies.

If you’re aiming to complete the game, you’re going to need two Great Runes restored at a minimum. Finding the main bosses is easy if you ask around Roundtable Hold. As for what they do, each Great Rune that grants you a different ability. For example, Godrick’s Rune will raise all attributes by +5, which is the same as instantly gaining 40 levels. Radahn’s Rune, on the other hand, raises maximum stamina, HP, and FP by 15 percent, while Morgott’s Great Rune will raise your maximum HP by 25%.

Keep in mind that Great Runes are not the same as the Boss Rememberance items. While the Great Runes grant you immense power, Boss Rememberance items are used to acquire boss weapons. Alternatively, you can sell them for cold hard Runes. Beyond that, note that you’ll lose access to all of your Great Runes when you begin New Game+.