Elden Ring Groveside Cave Walkthrough

Elden Ring is full of little areas that players can get lost in for a time. Gathering weapons and gear from these environments is a great time, but sometimes you can feel a sense of “was that it?” from these little excursions. The Groveside Cave is one of the first dungeons you can run into in Elden Ring. It is full of wolves and not too much else. If you’re wondering if you left something behind, we can help you discover the secrets of this little dungeon!

How to Complete Groveside Cave in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Groveside Cave Guide

The Groveside Cave is a two-room dungeon. The first room is a large, open cave. Four wolves stalk around a fire place, three of them able to be alerted when the Alpha Wolf howls. Use ranged weapons to take out a wolf, and then use their weird jumping animation against them. They jump up slowly, so you can funnel them into your weapon and take them out without them surrounding you too fast.

Once you clear the fireplace, you can move deeper into the room. In the watery area below, there are two wolves; one on the left and one on the right. Take out the one on the left with a jump attack, and then clear the one on the right.

There is one last wolf to the right of the room, before the boss fog gate, eating a corpse. If you cleared the rest of the room, that wolf won’t last long.

Before The Boss

Before entering the boss gate, be sure to loot! The glowing moss can be used to craft boluses which will be lifesaving later. The glowstone you loot off of bodies are great to brighten up rooms. Silver Fireflies and Mushrooms are great crafting material.

By far the most important item in here is the Cracked Pot. This allows you to craft Firebombs and other throwable items.

Beastman of Farum Azula

The Beastman is a fairly threatening boss. He is quick and aggressive. However, after long combo attacks, he is wide open for multiple attacks. Make use of his long openings to burn him down. This is a great boss to practice dodge-rolling, as his swings are fairly obvious. Don’t guard him for too long, or you’ll risk a Guard Break.

Upon his death, he’ll drop a Fire Resistance talisman. You can use this for boss fights with lots of fire, or for dungeons that use fire as a primary hazard.

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