Elden Ring Heretical Rise | How to Reach

Even as you get to the Forbidden Lands in Elden Ring, there are still quite a few secrets left to find. You’re in the endgame now, and combat is as hard as it has ever been. However, the puzzles are as vague as ever, even to the point of not making any sense. The Heretical Rise in Elden Ring offers a cryptic message saying “Falling snow marks something unseen” and leaves the rest to you. But if you look around, snow doesn’t seem to be sticking to any invisible structure. How are you supposed to reach the tower? Here’s how to follow the invisible path and reach the powerful sorcery that lies within the tower.

How to Reach Heretical Rise in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Invisible Bridge location map

The Heretical Rise tower is accessible through an invisible bridge that connects to the northwestern side of the building. From the map, you can draw a line from the bridge on the other side of the ravine to the tower. There is an invisible platform spanning the entire distance, and you’ll have to cross it. Head to the other side of the ravine to the broken bridge to begin your journey.

The closest Site of Grace is the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook. It’s a short ride to this bridge; just circle around the cliff to wind up west of the Site of Grace. Once arrived, you should be facing the tower to the southeast.

At this point, if you’re online and a bit lucky, helpful players will leave messages – and blood splatters – on the invisible bridge guiding your way. If you aren’t playing online, then there’s still a safe path to follow to the wall of the tower, but you’ll need to play things carefully.

First, the bridge extends straight forward from the cliff’s edge for just a ways. From there, you will have to step upward a bit. There is a curving ramp that leads up and around to the balcony of the tower. Use arrows, Rainbow Stones, or abilities that go across the ground – like Hoarfrost Stomp or Beast Claw – to figure out where the ramp is. Then, move forward cautiously. The curve is natural, but the invisible bridge is relatively thin. Constantly check where you’re walking to avoid plunging to your death.

Elden Ring Heretical Rise Invisible Bridge pathway

Your rewards include a few souls from the mannequins inside. In addition, at the very top you’ll find the Founding Rain of Stars, a legendary Sorcery. This is a big, flashy spell, and while it’s not too useful in boss fights, it can quite easily clear out a room.

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