Elden Ring | How to Gesture

With Elden Ring being out for a short while, it’s no surprise the game is going to be populated. You’ll more than likely come across an invader, or even some friends while playing. One way of communication is through voice chat, that is, if you’re playing with people you know, and it’s organized. Another way of communication between two players without voice chat is the use of a gesture! This feature has become pretty popular in gaming over the past few years, with games like Fortnite including hundreds, if not thousands of gestures that players can choose from. In the context of Elden Ring and many other FromSoftware Games, they’re used more for taunting than talking. They don’t work in the same way as the other FromSoftware titles, so we’ve got a guide to help you!

How to Gesture in Elden Ring

elden ring gestures menu

To gesture in Elden Ring, players are going to want to open their menu through the pause button. The gestures will appear on the right side of the screen. Using the control stick, or the D-Pad, highlight the one that you want to use, and then press the selection button to play that gesture.

There are more gestures than the ones that are available in the menu, and you can swap them out with other ones if you press either Triangle or Y on the controller. You can then switch between the gestures you want in the menu during gameplay!

Gestures are extremely helpful when it comes to interacting with other players. They can be used to point in directions dance with friends, or even taunt people who are invading. It’s part of the experience, some people will use them to encourage you to interact in a friendly manner, or friendly gestures as bait to lure you in. The number of things that you can do with them is incredible, and now, you’re included as well!