Elden Ring | How to Kill Skeletons

Enemies in Elden Ring are tough to kill. That’s just the nature of the game — progress is made possible by overcoming challenges. However, there are some enemies that are simply more annoying than others. The skeleton, for instance, just never seems to know when to die. Even after being pummeled, after a short pause, skeletons will reanimate and resume attacking. So how are you supposed to kill things things for good? Read on to find out.

How to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

How to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring

Taking a page right out of Super Mario, the lowly skeleton may seem like an easy-to-take-down enemy, but it’s annoyingly persistent. Killing a skeleton will make it fall apart onto the ground. But after a while, it will rebuild and get back up, hungry for vengeance. For it to stay down, you need to prevent it from reanimating.

To properly kill a skeleton in Elden Ring, you must attack it after it collapses to the ground. When you first deplete its health bar, it will crumble into a pile of bones. Strike the pile of bones with your weapon to kill the skeleton for good and prevent it from rising again.

However, there’s more than one way to prevent reanimation. If you have your hands on the Ash of War called Sacred Blade, you can use it defeat the skeleton like any other enemy. Thanks to the attack’s holy-based damages, skeletons will not rise after being defeated. Holy Water Pots also serve the same purpose.

Finally, there are three specific weapons that can help you take down the skeletons without the need for Ash of Wars or Buffs. The Golden Order Greatsword, The Golden Epitaph Straight Sword, and the Inseparable Sword all prevent skeletons from resurrecting upon their first defeat.

If you weren’t aware, skeletons come in many forms: Skeletal Militiaman, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Swordsman, Skeletal Crossbowman, and more. However, they all function the same despite looking slightly different. Remember, if it’s a skeleton, you’ll either need to use holy attacks or be prepared to strike once they collapse to the ground.

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