Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander Questline | Full Walkthrough

Are you ready to be a true Pot Warrior? We hope so! Alexander the Iron Fist is probably one of the strangest characters you’ll encounter in Elden Ring. And he is absolutely fantastic! This buff pot is one of the kindest souls anywhere in the Lands Between, and it’s well worth going through his character arc. So, let’s talk about Alexander the Iron Fist and do his quest together!

How to Complete the Alexander Questline in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Iron Fist Alexander Questline

You can begin the Iron Fist Alexander questline by finding him stuck in Northern Stormhill. Simply follow the road west of the river and north of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. You’ll need to whack Alexander out of the ground so he can talk to you and begin the quest. He’ll reward you with some Exalted Flesh for your troubles.

Continuing the Quest

Next, you’ll need to find him in the rear Gael Tunnel. This is found at the border between Caelid and Limgrave, east of where he first got stuck. Look for the mineshaft-like cave door found in a ravine just before the area transitions to Caelid’s red tint. He’s stuck behind this door, and wants to move on so he can go to the Combat Festival.

This will unlock the Gael Tunnel Site of Grace to the east. Clearing that dungeon will let you open this door, which Alexander will thank you for. You only have to open the door from the other side of Gael Tunnel; you do not have to defeat the Magma Worm boss to continue Alexander’s quest. However, defeating it does reward you with a Somber Bell Bearing (1), which lets you purchase low-level Somber Stones from the Twin Maiden Husks. Highly recommended.

Redmane Castle

After you have cleared the way through Gael Tunnel, he’s at Redmane Castle’s plaza. There are two ways into the castle. If you got there early via teleporting from Fort Gael, you will have to defeat the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight combo. He’s waiting for the festival to start alongside some other NPCs in the plaza.

Alternatively, you can progress Ranni’s quest or gain both halves of the Dectus Medallion halves and use the Grand Lift of Dectus. This will cause Blaidd to kill most enemies and the boss. However, it will lock you out with loot until you defeat Radahn.

You’ll also be able to summon Alexander during your fight with Radahn. Even if you don’t, he will be found scavenging the land afterwards, right next to Starscourge Radahn’s Site of Grace.

If you took the Blaidd route and want loot after the battle, go and speak with Blaidd. You’ll then have to head to the Chamber Outside The Plaza grace, speak with the Castellan at the chapel, and rest at the grace quite a few times. This should respawn the enemies and unlock doors.


Head south of the Carian Study Hall from the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace. Once again, you’ll need to help free Alexander. This time, use an Oil Pot to help set him free.

Afterwards, he will be near the Seethewater Terminous Site of Grace, at a lava lake in Mt. Gelmir. He’s sitting behind a Magma Worm. You can kill the worm, or talk with him carefully by navigating the rocks of the Magma Lake.

You can summon him to fight the Fire Giant in the Mountaintops of the Giants at the end of that dungeon. You must take the northern chain to do so. Take note that this summon is not required to continue his questline.

Finally, he’ll head off to the Crumbling Farum. Head to the Dragon Temple Lift grace by using two Stonesword Keys near the Dragon Temple Transept grace. Head through this area by sprinting past the plaza, heading up the eastern flight of stairs. Parkour over the square archways to the left until you reach a flat area. Climb across the fallen towers to find Iron Fist Alexander waiting on an arena. He will request to do battle. Defeating him rewards you with Alexander’s Innards and a Shard of Alexander. The Shard boosts Weapon Skill damage. The innards…


Elden Ring Alexander Quest Jarburg

The Jarburg portion of Alexander’s quest is next. Jarburg is a little hamlet located near the Cairn Study hall. Head south of the Artist Shack until you are just past the Tower and look down the cliff. Parkour down the graves and you’ll reach Jarburg. These jars are friendly, so feel free to pick the rare crafting materials that grow there.

The Jar of the hour is Jar-Bairn, a little jar that sits on a staircase. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. Then, sit at the Site of Grace and talk to him again. Repeat this one more time. Also, congratulations on your promotion to Potentate.

Now, before we continue… There’s another questline we have to complete!

Knight Diallos Questline

Elden Ring Diallos

In order to complete Alexander’s questline, we must also complete the Knight Diallos questline. First, exhaust the knight’s dialogue at the Roundtable. He will then be found north of the Academy Gate Town’s bonfire, on top of a building, with his attendant absolutely destroyed in front of him. Talk with him and he will talk about how he wishes to get revenge on the Volcano Manor.

You’ll next find him at the Volcano Manor. He will express that he wishes to aid them. You may advance his quest either by completing the Volcano Manor questline, or by defeating Rykard.

After he disappears, he will be found in Jarburg, tending to a little jar. You may need to pass some time at the Jarburg Site of Grace for him to spawn here.

Finishing Up

The Alexander questline is soon to draw to a close. Talk with him and Jar Bairn until their dialogue is exhausted. Then, rest at the grace. Jar Bairn should have moved to Diallos. Exhaust some dialogue, then once again, spend some time at the Grace nearby.

If Diallos is gone and replaced with items, you’re at the ending point. Looting his corpse will give you his Mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune.

Jar Bairn should have moved, and you will be able to talk with him. He finally feels ready to accept Alexander’s Innards. Give him the innards. Then, reload the area one final time. He will be gone, but he will have left behind an item. Take the Companion Jar from where he left to finally complete the quest.