Elden Ring Law of Regression | How to Get

Elden Ring is packed with many hidden narrative beats that it becomes complicated to keep up with every character. Some secrets can only be discovered behind illusory walls, while others require extensive traversing throughout the Lands Between. In fact, one such secret is tied with the Law of Regression Incantation. If you wish to uncover this said concealment, you’ll first need to obtain a certain prayerbook.

How to Get Law of Regression in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Get Law of Regression

The Golden Order Principia prayerbook can be found on top of a hanging chair sitting above the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital. This is a rather quick journey, and it’s easily accessible from the grace point. Start at the site to exit through the pillars and make a left. Next, jump onto the giant tree branch once you see a starting point. Ascend the tree branch to enter a room looking north. Exit the room to immediately turn left where you’ll see a roof before you. As expected, jump down onto the roof and look for the open window to enter through it.

A treasure chest containing the Erdtree Bow is in this room, so make sure you scoop the loot before proceeding. Then, enter the following room looking south; there, a body will hold a Celestial Dew for you to pick up. Finally, return to the previous big room with the treasure chest to find another hefty branch for you to climb on. Approach the middle point of the branch to come into contact with a body sitting at peace upon a handing chair. Take his loot, and the essential Golden Order Principia will be yours. Additionally, you’ll also receive the Radagon’s Rings of Light Incantation.

Finally, return this prayerbook to a cleric NPC to unlock the new Incantations. For our Law of Regression, you’ll only need a 37 in Intelligence with an FP 25 cost. What this spell can do is create a defensive wall of light around you that greatly negates special attacks and negative statuses. It’s an incredibly forceful Incantation that protects you from all ailments and status effects, especially the extremely deadly ones.

Radagon Story Spoiler

As aforementioned, this Incantation is tied to a secret directly connected to two major characters. To pull back the curtain on this mystery, simply return to Leyndell, Royal Capital, to the site of the Radagon statue. Start at the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace once more then head westward out the door. Enter the area to your right and use the lift, which will descend. Continue your journey north to move along the stairway. From there, you’ll approach the statue. Find the message on the ground that briefly details “Regression alone reveals secrets.” Radagon’s statue will suddenly transform into Marika. A new message says, “Radagon is Marika.” Take this information as you will.

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