Elden Ring Lightning Spear | How to Get

The latest installment in the Souls genre, Elden Ring has taken the entire gaming community by storm. With the PC version alone selling over five million copies up to this point, it’s safe to say plenty will be playing this for years to come. There’s no shortage of weapons and incantations at your disposal, and in this guide we’ll show you how to find the elusive Lightning Spear Incantation.

How to Get the Lightning Spear in Elden Ring

How to Get the Lightning Spear in Elden Ring

Getting the Lightning Spear Incantation requires a specific enemy to be beaten first. You’ll need to travel northwest of the starting area of Limgrave and into Liurnia. As you travel northward on the eastern part of Liurnia, you will get close to the Artist’s Shack. In the photo above, the area just south of here is marked. Wander through this area and you will encounter a Golden Knight. When he is beaten, loot his body to get the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

Once you have this, start traveling northwest past the valley. Eventually you’ll come to a landmark known as the Church of Vows. Inside, you will meet Miriel, the giant turtle Pastor of Vows. He already has several Incantations for sale. However, giving him the Dragon Cult Prayerbook will unlock the Lightning Spear to be purchased.

Fortunately, it’s not terribly expensive, as it can be bought for 6,000 Runes. Conversely, you can also give the book to Corhyn once you can fast travel to Roundtable Hold, but the purchase price remains the same. Its requirements for use aren’t too bad either, requiring only 17 Faith and costing 14 FP to use. A Prophet character will only need to level Faith up once from the beginning to use it.

This can be quite a beneficial ranged spell if you get it early enough in the game. It will throw a lightning projectile at your target, keeping you relatively out of harm’s way when casted.

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