Elden Ring Lightning Strike | How to Get

Incantations are better than miracles have ever been! Elden Ring has spoiled Faith casters with the pure number of options and attacks they can find and cast. And the number of lightning incantations you can grab is crazy. Keen explorers can find Lightning Strike quite early on. This is a rather impressive ranged spell, and it’s an important incantation for early Faith-casting builds. So, if you’re looking for a pretty decent and cheap ranged option, we can help you out!

How to Get the Lightning Strike Incantation in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Lightning Strike map location

The Lightning Strike incantation can be found in the Weeping Peninsula, near the water’s edge between the eastern and western cliffs. Its location is just in front of the Morne Tunnel dungeon map marker. Make your way down the cliff side carefully and you’ll find a scarab guarded by several giant bats. Defeat the scarab while dodging the bolts raining down nearby to pick up the incantation. Lightning Strike requires 28 Faith, but can be spam-casted with a fairly large range.

The Weeping Peninsula is a fairly early-game area that can be accessed immediately. However, this incantation requires 28 Faith to use, a fairly weighty requirement for every single starting class. It’s recommended that you level up a few times before obtaining this incantation.

The spell itself is only defended by bats, which can be taken care of with ease. However, lightning bolts will spawn around you. Stay on your feet and make good use of jumps to avoid most of the damage.

If you miss the scarab, then don’t worry! Duck into the Morne Tunnel and rest at the Site of Grace there. Then, you can come back out and try again until you succeed.

This spell is a great spam option. It has good range, similar to Lightning Spear. However, it originates from above your target, making it useful for weaving around corners. It also will hit more enemies at a time than Lightning Spear, as long as they clump together first.

Coming from above does have its downsides, however. Tall enemies may be protected by ceilings from the bolt. Read the situation and choose Lightning Strike when it best benefits you.