Elden Ring Lionel’s Armor Set | Where to Find

There are plump sorts abound in Elden Ring, and players seem very keen on finding them. But as it turns out, you can become your very own rotund warrior with Lionel’s armor set. Featuring high poise and distinct dad-bod vibes, this set is certainly a looker. Best of all, you won’t have to fight for it — all you need to do is search the right area.

Where to Find Lionel’s Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Where to Find Lionel's Armor Set

Lionel’s armor set is located within Elden Ring‘s capital city Leyndell. You can find it near the Lower Capital Church grace point, which is right in the center of the Royal Capital. Lionel’s helmet, chest piece, gauntlet, and greaves are all sitting on the bed within the church, right next to the Deathbed Dress.

To get to it, you’ll have to do some circling around in the city. One of the key points you can adhere to is the Capital Rampart grace point, which will give you access to the east end of the area. From there, make your way toward the Royal Capital. Enemies are within range, so tread carefully if you must. As aforementioned, you won’t need to fight for the armor set; it’s yours for the taking. Of course, if you haven’t already, be sure to activate the grace point in the same room.

The Lionel’s armor set is a collection of pieces that can greatly lower enemy attacks thanks to the big stat numbers. Lionel’s helm resistance stats are Immunity 27, Robustness 42, Focus 18, Vitality 22, and Poise 12. His chest piece is packed with Immunity 63, Robustness 99, Focus 42, Vitality 50, and Poise 37. The gauntlet comes with Immunity 21, Robustness 33, Focus 14, Vitality 17, and Poise 8. Finally, the greaves are equipped with Immunity 39, Robustness 61, Focus 26, Vitality 31, and Poise 22.

There’s also the Deathbed Dress that you can additionally pick up, but that’s just a little bonus that comes with the armor set. You’re now free to leave the premises with your newly-acquired suit of heavy armor.

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