Elden Ring Madness | How to Prevent

On top of difficult boss battles, status effects in Elden Ring can be pretty brutal. Scarlet Rot and Poison can both be quickly fatal by draining HP. However, Madness is quite insidious as well, considering it deals both HP and FP damage over time. We’ll show you the best ways to defend yourself from this maddening malady.

How to Prevent Madness in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Madness Lucidity

The best way to prevent Madness is to build up your Mind stat. Increasing Mind adds to the Focus stat, which governs resistance to Madness as well as Sleep. You can also increase your Madness resistance by equipping a Talisman known as the Clarifying Horn Charm. This charm boosts your Focus stat, and can be found in the Deep Siofra Well in Dragonbarrow.

As for ways to reduce Madness buildup, there are a couple of ways to slow down the spread. If you find and defeat Preceptor Miriam in the Carian Study Hall, she will drop the Lucidity Sorcery spell, and casting this will reduce Madness. You can also craft Clarifying Boluses. Once finding the Frenzied’s Cookbook on a body in the Frenzied Flame Village, you can craft these with the following:

  • 2x Dewkissed Herba
  • 1x Crystal Cave Moss
  • 1x Eye of Yelough

As for getting afflicted, Madness strikes many ways. Certain enemies, such the Boss Invader Festering Fingerprint Vyke near the Church of Inhibition, have attacks that will inflict Madness. On the flipside, some weapons, Seals, and Incantations can also infect the player with Madness as part of their use. Also, nearly every spell and skill that references “frenzy” in some way will always inflict Madness either upon the player, the targeted enemy, or both.

While Madness is, well, a maddening status effect, it’s implementation in the game is not as common as other status effects. That being said, it’s always best to come prepared in Elden Ring.

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