Elden Ring Meteorite Staff | How to Get

The magical Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring is an excellent choice for beginning casters. Upon receiving Torrent, your trustworthy mount, traversing through The Lands Between opens up countless opportunities for exploration. And you’re going to need them if you’re going after the powerful Meteorite Staff, which unfortunately happens to be lying within a swamp-infested area.

How to Get Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

Elden Ring How to Get Meteorite Staff

You can get the Meteorite Staff by traveling to the Swamp of Aenoia near the Streets of Sages Ruins. It’s within the region of Caelid, and it will spawn multiple enemies when you head into the area. The orange-tinted swamp is swimming with enemies who will arise from the filthy water one by one. That’s why it’s best to ride in with Torrent to reach a tall broken tower. From there, enter the only open room containing poisonous plants and dispose of them. Behind them you will find a dangling body at the window with the Meteorite Staff we’ve been looking for.

Staff embedded with a dark purple glintstone, said to be the fragment of a meteorite. Boasts high sorcery scaling and boosts gravity sorceries as well.

For beginning Tarnished players, the Meteorite Staff is definitely one weapon to chase after. Its D-rank scaling for Strength is one appealing factor, but it also offers an S-rank in Intelligence. Thus, if your character excels in Intelligence, they’ll find the weapon to be extremely useful during early gameplay. It holds a 161 in Sorcery Scaling while also possessing the passive effect to boost gravity-based sorcery.

Perhaps the only downside to this weapon is that it has already maxed out its upgrades. While that may be convenient in thought for its early use, you can quickly find something more powerful as you progress through the game. Still, it’s worth picking up if you need a weapon to get you through some tough areas.

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