Elden Ring Mimic Tear Summon | How to Get

The Mimic Tear is one of the Legendary Ash Remains from Elden Ring. This impressively powerful summon can help make fights significantly easier, letting you take down the largest foes in the game. That’s because the Mimic Tear is a spirit summon, one of the ways you can bring friends to the fight without going online. And the Mimic Tear is quite special… However, finding it can be a massive chore. It doesn’t seem like it exists anywhere! We can help you find it.

How to Get Mimic Tear Summon in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear is located in Nokron, Eternal City, an area that cannot be cleared until you defeat a boss. The boss is Starscourge Radahn, a fairly late-game enemy in Redmane Castle, southeast of Caelid. Defeating him will drop a meteor on Mistwood, allowing you to enter Nokron. Head through the map and drop down to the Ancestral Woods site of Grace, then drop down onto the lip below you. Enter the Night’s Sacred Ground and head east until you find an imp door. Behind the Imp Door you will find the Mimic Tear summon.

This Spirit Summon can be used in most places that cooperative play can be used. Simply use the item while you have enough health and you will summon the Mimic, a version of you. It has AI and can take a big hit compared to you! It has quite high damage compared to most spirits, though its power scales directly with your own.

If you want to use the Mimic Ashes, do make sure that you are able to use your items. Since the mimic uses AI, it might have trouble if your setup is complicated. For instance, if you do not meet the Strength requirement of a weapon unless you two-hand it, the mimic will try to one-hand it anyways. Make sure your gear is noob friendly!

In most cases, this is the best Ash summon in the game. It doesn’t use FP to summon, it’ll deal more damage than even Legendary summons, and you can change it to your needs. However, unlike Lhutel the Headless or some other spirits, it won’t have rare abilities like teleportation unless you have access to it. Sometimes, you might want some extra utility!